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Archive Reference / Library Class No.D3772/T38/10/104
TitleWill You Help to Keep Our Jack Tars Fit?
DescriptionPoster urging people to send contributions to the Mayor and fruit and vegetables to C J Shackleton to help feed the British army
Extent1 item
RepositoryDerbyshire Record Office
Archive CreatorStrutt family of Belper
TermFirst World War (1914-1918)

Will You Help to Keep Our Jack Tars Fit?

Transcript or IndexRoll, up ye Vegetarians
Of Military age,
An give the Hun barbarians
A sample of your rage ;
Show that the CABBAGE and the PEAS,
The CARROT and the BEET,
Induce as much combativeness-
As Meat.

Roll, ye LENTIL lovers and
Ye BEAN devotees too,
And lend your Meatier mates a hand,
To see the matter through ;
Show that the TUNRIPS can sustain
And PARSNIPS yield resource,
And ONION eaters can maintain-
Their force.

Then when the fight is fought and won,
In your victorious hour,
You may be proud of what you've done
You'll praise the luck that let you live
Through War's appalling scenes ;
So haste to gith the Huns, and give-
Them BEANS!!!

CONTRIBUTIONS may be sent to The Mayor (Albert Green, Esq.), Mayor's Parlour; and gifts of fruit and vegetables to C. J. Shackleton, Hon. Secretary, Town Hall, Derby
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