RepositoryDerbyshire Record Office
Archive Reference / Library Class No.D3772/E51/4
TitleAlso includes photographs of Green Hall, King Street, Bridge Street, Wyver Lane (19th century). A History of the Strutt Family, Jan 1905, Programme for Pastoral Plays, held at Belper, Jul 1907, Notice of Prizegiving at Long Row Boys' School, Dec 1907
Incorporates more non-newspaper material than E51/1-3, including photographs of Belper and wooden bridge over Derwent at pp 15-17, election address 1906 at p 71, programme of pastoral plays at Belper at p 101, accounts of Strutt Waterworks Dept of Belper UDC 1905-1908
D3772/E51/4/1-4 Newspaper cuttings including 2 supplied by Durrant's Press Cuttings of London
DateSep 1904 - Jul 1908
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Archive CreatorStrutt family of Belper
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