Ref NoD258/55/20
TitleVolume containing copied correspondence relating to the management of the affairs of Caroline Amelia, Princess of Wales by Moses Hoper of Great Marlborough Street, Middlesex, attorney. He was appointed to act as her attorney with regard to an annuity settled on her in 1814. He seems to have acted in this capacity until 1817, from which time the correspondence deals with his attempts to recover the debts he had incurred himself on her behalf. Contents of the volume is (struck in front) letter from Albert Hartshorne, Bradbourne Hall, to Mrs Pole Gell, enclosing the book, which was bought in an old bookshop in Hoper and described as "the office copy" of correspondence of Mr Bognor, solicitor to Princess Caroline of Wales, 1893 (pages 1-8). Copied Act of Parliament 54 George III [19 Jul 1814] for settling an annuity on the Princess of Wales (pages 1-8) Copied Act of Parliament 54 George III [29 Jul 1814] for settling an annuity on the Princess of Wales (pages 9-12) Appointment of attorney by Princess Caroline of Moses Hoper, to receive and use the money granted by Parliament, 4 Aug 1814 (pages 20-75) Correspondence of Mr Hoper and the Princess of Wales, 9 Sep 1813 -1 Jun 1817, including letters with Lord Liverpool (the Prime Minister), Mr Brougham and Lady C Campbell (page 76). Letter from Hoper to the Princess on discharge of her debts to him, 27 Jun 1821 (pages 81-82) Commands of the Princess to Hoper on Connaught House (page 86) List of Pensions to be paid by Hoper (pages 100-137) Correspondence between Sir William Gell, Vice-Chamberlain to the Princess, and Hoper, mostly on the payments of money, including letters with Lord Liverpool, J Barrow of the Admiralty, Philip Gell, E Mortimer and Edward Hopkins 14 Aug 1814 - 15 Jul 1815 (pages 138-146) Correspondence with Messrs Courts on payments of money, 18 Mar-18 Aug 1815 (pages 149-150) Accounts of Mr Hoper concerning the affairs of the Princess Wales, 1815-1819, submitted 30 Mar 1819 (pages 153-159) Correspondence with Dr Lushington on recovery of debts, 10 Sep 1821-8 Oct 1822 (pages 165-174 Correspondence with Lady Ann Hamilton on recovery of debts (pages 201-212) Correspondence with Mr Sicard (at Brunswick) on payments, 20 Aug 1814-9 Aug 1819, including assorted letters with Mr Hownam, Mr Milne, Mr Le Blanc and Col Addenbrooke (pages 216-249) Correspondence on payments and recovery of debts involving Mr Wilde, Lord Viscount Hood, Henry Brougham and James Brougham, 18 Jul 1815-3 Sep 1821 (pages 250-258) Correspondence on arrangements for baggage and packets sent abroad for winter spent by the Princess of Wales at Brunswick and in Italy 4 Nov - 27 Dec 1814, involving J Barrow, E Cunningham, Captain of the HMS Clorinde, Mr Bartlett, Admiral Sir R Bickerton, and Captain Pechell (pages 273-275) Inventory of the service of plate from the King prepared for the use of the Princess of Wales, 22 Oct 1814 (pages 276-284) Correspondence on the plate and baggage of the Princess, 24 Oct - 15 Nov 1814, involving Mr Marsh of the Lord Chamberlain's office, Mr Bye, Mr St Leger, Miss Frances Garth, Miss Hayman, George Bartlett, R H Carew, Slater esq and Geo. De Lavand (pages 308) Correspondence with Lady C Campbell, 17 Jun 1817 (pages) 320-322) Correspondence with Sir William Gell, 15 Sep 1815 (pages 330-356) Correspondence on recovery of debts with Mr Sicard, Earl of Essex, Mr Vizard, Mr Leman and Henry Brougham Correspondence to Col. J Chandos-Pole concerning the volume of correspondence relating to the Princess of Wales (found loose in D258/55/20)
Date1813-1823; 1964-1966
CreatorGell family of Hopton Hall, Wirksworth
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