Ref NoD258/54/1
TitleGrangerised volume of the Derbyshire volume of Daniel & Samuel Lysons' Magna Britannia
CreatorGell family of Hopton Hall, Wirksworth
Description[Modern pagination. Blank pages omitted]
p1 Description and printed map of Derbyshire, 17th cent
p3 Copy of H Moll's printed map of Derbyshire
p5 As p.1
p7 Copy of Bowen's printed map of Derbyshire
p9 MS list of heights of Ordnance Survey stations in Derbyshire signed E Campbell, surveyor, Bakewell 1847
pp11-17 Lysons' text
p9 Printed view of Melbourne Castle, 18th cent
p22 Small printed view of Bolsover Castle 18th cent
p23 Printed view by Kip of Bolsover Castle
p25 Printed view by Kip of Bredby [Bretby]
p28 Small printed views of Wingfield Manor
1) `Great Tower from the North Court'
2) `Quadrangle of Wingfield Manor'
p30 Small printed views
1) Chatsworth
2) Sutton Hall
pp35-36 Lysons' text
p37 Printed portrait of John Lonsdale, consecrated Bishop of Lichfield, 1843
p38 Letter to Mrs Thornhill [Isabella Thornhill], Stanton Hall, Bakewell, from the Bishop of Lichfield [John Lonsdale] indicating that Dean & Chapter [of Lichfield Cathedral] will give preference to widow of a Hayfield clergyman, 29 Aug. 1860, with cover
pp41-46 Lysons' text
p47 Three small printed views
1) `Repton Priory from the South West'
2) Memorial brass to Bp. Robert Pursglove
3) Exterior view of Repton church
p49 Two small printed views
1) `Beauchief Abbey, Derbyshire'
2) `Beauchief Abbey in the present state'
pp53-84 Lysons' text
p85 Portrait print [after Holbein] of `Henry FitzAllen, Earl of Arundel', with printed signature
p89 Portrait print of `William Cavendish, Earl of Devonshire, 1618' [after Gardiner] with MS biographical details
p93 Portrait print of `His Grace William Duke of Devonshire' in armour
p95 Portrait print of `His Grace William Duke of Devonshire' in armour, 1799
p97 Two small portrait prints
1) `William Duke of Devonshire' 1793
2) `His Grace the Duke of Devonshire' as a young man
p99 1) Note dated Feb 18 1713 signed `Chis Cavendish'
3) Cover signed `G Cavendish' addressed to `Revd Dr Kaye' at Kirkby near Mansfield
p101 Portrait print [after Reynolds] of Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire, with child
p105 Portrait print of Duchess of Devonshire, 1810 `wife of 5th Duke'
p108 Portrait print [after Sanders] of William Spencer [6th] Duke of Devonshire
p109 Two letters from 6th Duke of Devonshire, one `written with his left hand', and cover, 1837
p111 Two letters from 6th Duke of Devonshire, 1853 and 1855, with covers
p113 Printed letter of Deputy Lieutenants for Derbyshire recommending formation of a second militia regiment in the county, 1855
p115 Two letters from 6th Duke of Devonshire, 1853 and 1857, with covers
p119 Letter from Frederick Cavendish, Ayot St Lawrence, Hertfordshire, `son of Hon General Henry Cavendish and grandson of 1st Earl of Burlington', 1855, with cover
p122 Printed obituary of 6th Duke of Devonshire, 1858
p.23 Printed order of funeral procession for 6th Duke of Devonshire 18 Jan 1858
125 Portrait print of Elizabeth Foster, wife of 5th Duke of Devonshire, `died at Rome Mar 1822'
p127 Portrait photograph of 7th Duke of Devonshire and letter, 1861
p128 1) letter from Lord Frederic Charles Cavendish b1836 son of 7th Duke of Devonshire, 1862, with cover
3) Letter from Marquess of Hartington b 1833, eldest son of 7th Duke of Devonshire, with cover
p129 1) Letter from Lord George Henry Cavendish MP, brother of 7th Duke of Devonshire,nd
2) Letter signed Louisa Cavendish, `Lady George Cavendish', nd
3) Portrait photograph of Lord Richard Cavendish, brother of 7th Duke of Devonshire
4) Printed notice of marriage of Hon Algernon Egerton MP, son of 1st Earl of Ellesmere, to Alice Louisa, eldest dau of Lord George Cavendish, 1863
pp131-132 Lysons' text
p137 Portrait print of `The Marquis of Granby'
p141 Note signed `K Rutland, 16 Jul 1722' with MS caption `wife of John Duke of Rutland and dau of the patriot and martyr Lord Russell'
p143 Portrait print [after Oakley] of `Henry Manners, Duke of Rutland'
p144 Two letters of 5th Duke of Rutland, 1853 & 1854
p146 Letter, with cover, from 5th Duke of Rutland, 1854
p148 1) Printed notice of lying in state of late 5th Duke of Rutland, Jan 1857
3) Printed obituary of 5th Duke of Rutland (1778-1857)
p150 1) Autograph of John Manners, nd
2) Portrait photograph of Lord John JR Manners, son of 5th Duke of Rutland
3) Portrait photograph of 1st wife of Lord John JR Manners
4) Letter, with cover, from John Manners, Jan 1857
p152 1) Portrait photograph of Charles Cecil John [Manners, 6th Duke of Rutland
2) Letter from 6th Duke of Rutland, Dec 1858
p156 Letter from Evelyn John Shirley (1788-1856), 1853
p158 Appointment by William Earl of Harrington of Saml Sandford Vicar of Huddersfield as one of his domestic chaplains, 25 Jul 1758
p160 Letter of attorney of Charles Stanhope 18 Ap 1724
p162 Printed description of Elvaston Hall, seat of the Earl of Harrington
p164 Ms list of books requested by Dowager Lady Stanhope inc `A Voyage to Surinam' by Capt. Stedman, 10 Sep 1797
p166 Letter to P Gell, Hopton, from Penn Asheton Curzon, 1789, re his support for Gell in `Cromford canal business in the House of Commons'. [PA Curzon d1797 was the son of Viscount Curzon of Penn]
p170 Letter from Lady Scarsdale, wife of Lord Scarsdale, 30 Jan 1842, with cover
p172 1) Letter from Alfred, 4th Lord Scarsdale, 1857, with cover
2) Printed obituary of Admiral Edward Curzon (1789-1860)
3) Letter from Frederick Curzon, son of Lord Scarsdale, 12 Oct 1861
p173 1) Letter, with cover, from Blanche, Lady Scarsdale [wife of 4th Lord Scarsdale] 1862
2) Letter from `M Beaumont' [dau of Lord Scarsdale & widow of J Beaumont of Barrow on Trent]
p175 Portrait photograph of George, 6th Lord Vemon
p176-177 Lysons' text
p178 1) Pencil self-portrait by Anne Countess of Newburgh `in the 64th year of my age 1846' Annotated `died 1861'
2) Printed obituary of Anne Countess of Newburgh from the Derby Reporter, 1861, annotated `nonsense'
p180 1) Letter, nd, with cover from Dorothy `wife of Capt C Leslie succeeded her brother Francis 8th Earl as Countess of Newburgh Oct 1852, died Nov 1853'
2) Portrait photograph of Francis 8th Earl of Newburgh (1794-1852)
3) Letter, with cover, from Francis 8th Earl of Newburgh, Hassop, 9 Aug 1852
p186 Letter from Godfrey Bagnall Clarke, Sutton, 27 Jan 1772
p187 Letter from Henry Baron Waterpark, 12 Jan 1835 annotated `Died 1863 aged 69'
p188-189 Lysons' text
p190 1) Portrait print of William Cavendish, 1st Duke of Newcastle, 1799
2) Portrait print of `James Vth Earl of Derby (private plate) LL Jewitt'
pp194-5, 200-203 Lysons' text
p204 Printed views 1) & 2) exterior of Chatsworth
p206 Printed views 1) & 2) exterior of Chatsworth
p208 Printed views 1) Hunting Tower at Chatsworth 2) Mary Queen of Scots's Bower at Chatsworth
p210 Printed view of `cascade of the robber's stone, Chatsworth'
p212 Printed view of facade of Chatsworth House
p214 Sketch map of Chatsworth estate showing River Derwent etc, 1833
p216 Printed views 1) `Chatsworth in Derbyshire' 1775 2) Chatsworth, 1849
p220 Printed views 1) `Kedleston House in Derbyshire, the seat of Lord Scarsdale' nd
2) `Kedleston, Derbyshire' 1818
p222 Printed view `S W View of Hassop Hall' by Glover dedicated to Francis Eyre, Earl of Newburgh
p224 Printed view `Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire', nd
p226 Printed views 1) `Sudbury Hall, seat of Lord Vemon' nd
2) `Dovebridge[Doveridge] Hall, Derbyshire' seat of Lord Waterpark
p228 Pencil sketch of `Stanton Woodhouse, a seat of the Duke of Rutland' by `Ch[arlotte] Norman', nd
p230-231 Lysons' text
p232 Letter from Penelope Every dau of the 9th baronet, 8 Apr 1853
p234 1) Print showing arms of Sir Henry Hunloke of Wingerworth
2) death notice of Dowager Countess of Albermarle, windo of 4th Earl and dau of Sir Hy Hunloke, 13 Oct 1862
p236 Letter of attorney signed by Sir Windsor Hunloke, Baronet, d 1752
p240 Letter from `my dear incomparable friend Charlotte Hunloke died May 1857, eldest dau of Sir Windsor Hunloke, 5th baronet', 1857, with cover
p242 1) Letter in French, with cover
2) Printed newspaper law report of case re 1845 will of Sir Hy Hunloke, 9 Dec 1863
p244 Printed commission with MS inserts from Sir Wm Boothby, Custom House, London, appointing customs office to Scarborough, Island of Tobago, 12 Dec 1817
Annotated: `Sir Wm Boothby, 9th baronet'
p245 Portrait print of Sir Wm Boothby, 7th baronet, 1797
p252 Letter from the Revd Evelyn Boothby, Rector of Whitwell, 1860
pp254-5 Lysons' text
p256 Portrait print [after Reynolds] of Sir John Eardley Wilmot, Lord Chief Justice 1811
p258 Letter from Robert Wilmot, Eton, 1801
pp262-3 Lysons' text
p264 Letter from Georgiana Sitwell, dau of baronet, d1853
p266 `A sketch of Sir Robert Burdett not long before his death' [4th baronet d 1797]
p268 1) Letter from `F Burdett'[Sir Francis, 5th baronet, 1770-1844]
2) Letter from Angela Burdett Coutts, youngest dau of 5th baronet, 1857, with cover
p270 Portrait print of Sir Francis Burdett as young man [5th baronet, 1770-1844]
p272 1) Letter from Isabella Cave, wife of Sir Mylles Cave Browne Cave, 11th baronet, nd
2) Letter from Sir John Cave Browne Cave, 10th baronet, nd
p274 Portrait photographs 1) Sir Mylles Cave Browne Cave
2) Lady Cave 3) Geoffrey, their son
p277 Portrait print of Sir Joseph Banks, `the eminent English naturalist d 1820'
pp284-5 Lysons' text
p286 Appointment by Prince George of Denmark, Lord High Admiral of England, of Capt John Foljambe as captain of HMS Pendennis, 9 Mar 1705
pp288-9 Lysons' text
p290 Portrait print of Sir John Coke Kt, Secretary of State to King Charles 1st
p292 Portrait print as young girl of Elizabeth Coke, dau of Jn Coke, d 1739, aged 63, print dated 1811
p294 Warrant signed by, amongst others, Thomas Coke, grandson of Sir John Coke, as commissioner for public accounts, 1 May 1702
p296 Portrait print, [after Reinagle] of Thos Wm Coke MP created Earl of Leicester Aug 1837
p298 Letter signed `E Coke' [Edward Keppel Coke of Longford, son of 1st Earl of Leicester, married Diana, dau of 1st Lord Dover]
p300 Printed view of `Longford Hall, seat of Ralph Leek, Esq', nd
p305 Portrait print of Sir John Gell baronet aged 74, in armour, by Thomas Blore, nd
p307 Portrait print of Thomas Gell, Lt-Col at the battle of Hopton Heath under his brother, nd
p316 Portrait print of Sir John Gell of Hopton baronet in armour `from a private plate of George Martin esq'
p327 Portrait print of Sir William Gell MA, FRS FSA, b 1777 d 1836, son of Philip Gell,
p328 Watercolor sketch of William Gell `at 19'
p334 1) Portrait print of Admiral John Gell, youngest son of John Eyre Gell
2) Pencil sketch of Philip Gell aged 35 (b1775 d1842)
3) Watercolour sketch as a young girl of Georgiana Anne, b 1777 d 1853, wife of P Gell, dau of Nicholas Nicholas and coheiress with her sister
p338 Silhouette of John Nicholas Gell d 1836
p340 Letter signed J Cavendish [Lord John Cavendish, 4th son of the Duke of Devonshire, d 1796]
p344 Watercolour sketch as young girl of Mary Nicholas, sister in law of Philip Gell (1775-1842), dated 1786. Mary Nicholas m. Baron Etienne de Polier Vernand and d 1855 aged 86
pp346-347 Lysons' text with autograph of Thomas Gell [1754] (p346)
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