RepositoryDerbyshire Record Office
TitleCartoon by H J Rylands captioned 'OUR HUTS ARE SO COOL AND AIRY'
Date30 Mar 1916
DescriptionInterior view of a hut as if one side wall removed to allow a view of the interior: two windows to the right and a desk toward the rear; in the middle distance a cat paws a puddle on the floor; in the foreground an ancient stove with three figures: a man seated wearing a balaclava or hood holds hands and booted feet to the stove;  a man in service uniform stands with his back to the stove with his hands to the stove; a third man in a greatcoat sits with hands on the flue leading from the stove; above them water falls on them from a leak in the ceiling.
Extent1 item
Archive CreatorHorace John Rylands (1886-1961) of Bakewell, First World War soldier
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Physical DescriptionInk drawing
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TermFirst World War (1914-1918)

Cartoon by H J Rylands captioned 'OUR HUTS ARE SO COOL AND AIRY'

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