Title[Missing as at 2017] Strutt Library Pamphlets: Sermons, charges, etc
DescriptionEast Apthorp: A sermon in Lambeth Chapel, at the consecration of the Right Reverend father in God Samuel Hallifax DD, Lord Bishop of Gloucester, on Sunday 28 Oct 1781.
Published: London, T Cadell, 1781.
23 pages.

Thomas Bott: Doing to others as you would be done to, the great law of morals: a sermon preach'd at the Cathedral-church of Norwich, 30 Jan 1737.
Published: Norwich, W Chase, 1738.
22 pages.

Richard Brereton: The blessedness of the peace-makers: a sermon preached in the parish church of St Westburgh [sic] in Derby, on Thursday, 5 May 1763.
Published: London, R & J Dodsley, 1763.
20 pages.

Samuel Butler: A charge delivered to the clergy of the Archdeaconry of Derby, at the visitations at Derby and Chesterfield ... 1825
Published: London, Longman, 1826.
15 pages.
Also: visitations of 1825 (16 pages), 1827 (19 pages), 1829 (16 pages), 1830 (20 pages), 1833 (24 pages)

Samuel Butler: A charge delivered to the clergy of the Archdeaconry of Derby, by Samuel Butler, at his primary visitation, 21-22 Jun 1821. Published: Shrewsbury, W Eddowes, 1821. 20 pages.

Samuel Butler: The genuine and apocryphal gospels compared: a charge, delivered to the clergy of the Archdeaconry of Derby at the visitations at Derby and Chesterfield, 6-7 Jun 1822. Published: Shrewsbury, W Eddowes, 1822. 37 pages.

Samuel Butler: Some late attacks on the clergy considered: a charge delivered to the clergy of the Archdeaconry of Derby, at the visitations at Derby and Chesterfield, 26-27 June 1823. Published: Shrewsbury, W Eddowes, 1823. 25 pages.

A catalogue of Mr Buxton's library, Quarndon, near Kedleston, Derbyshire.
Published: Derby, G Wilkins, 1821.
32 pages.

P Cunninghame: A sermon preached at Eyam, Derbyshire, on Thursday 23 Apr 1789, being the day appointed for a general thanksgiving for his majesty's happy recovery ... Published: Sheffield, J Gales, 1789.
20 pages.

Francis, Bishop of Down and Connor: A sermon preached in Christ Church Dublin, on ... 30 Jan 1723
19 pages

Thomas Gisborne: The application of clerical faithfulness and wisdom ... A sermon preached in the Cathedral church at York, on Sun 14 Sep 1828 ... Published: London, T Cadell, 1828.
16 pages

Samuel Hallifax: A sermon preached before the Incorporated Society for the propagation of the Gospel in foreign parts; at their anniversary meeting ... 20 Feb 1789.
Published: London, T Harrison and S Brooke, 1789.
64 pages

Samuel Hallifax: Three sermons preached before the University of Cambridge.
Published: Cambridge, J Archdeacon, 1772
32 pages

Henry Ellis: National calamities the necessary effects of national wickedness: a sermon preached in the parish church of St Werburgh, in Derby, on Wednesday, 21 Feb 1781 ... Published: London, J Rivington, 1781.
19 pages

C S Hope: An address to the Derby Volunteers, and a prayer, at the consecration of their colours, on 4 Jun 1799.
Published: Derby, J Drewry, 1799.
15 pages

William Langley: Two sermons by the late Revd W Langley, A M Rector of Fenny Bentley, and Master of the Free Grammar School in Ashbourne, in the county of Derby.
Published: London, 1797, 34 pages.

Samuel Pegge: A sermon preached at Whittington in the county of Derby, on the grand jubilee, or centenary commemoration of the glorious revolution, MDCLXXXVIII
Published: Chesterfield, J Bradley [?1788]
20 pages

J Russell: A sermon preached in the parish church of Dronfield, in the county of Derby, on 25 Feb 1794, being the day appointed for a general fast.
Published: Sheffield, J Northall, 1795
12 pages

Thomas Seward: A charge to clergy of the peculiars belonging to the Dean and chapter of Lichfield, given at Bakewell, 23 Apr 1774
Published: London, T Longman, 1775
32 pages

M Staines: A sermon delievered in the parish church of St Nicholas, Rochester, on Sunday, 22 Jul 1819 ... Rochester, W Wildash, 1819
20 pages

George Stanhope: The danger of hard-heartedness to the poor: a sermon preach'd in ... St Sepulchers, 31 May 1705
Published: London, S Keble etc, 1705
28 pages

John Taylor: A letter to Samuel Johnson LLD on the subject of a future state.
Published: London, T Cadell, 1787
22 pages

William Venables Vernon: A sermon preached at the musical meeting, for the benefit of the Derbyshire General Infirmary, in the church of All Saints, Derby, 8 Oct 1822
Published: York, T Wilson, 1822
17 pages

A letter from J Webbe Weston, Francis Eyre and William Sheldon, to the gentlemen at whose desire they accepted the office of mediators between the vicars apostolic and the gentlemen of the late catholic committee.
Published: London, J P Coghlan, 1792
26 pages

W U Wray: A sermon preached at Charter-House, on 12 Dec 1760 ...
Printed: London, C Bathurst, [1761]
18 pages
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