TitleStrutt Library Pamphlets: Reports
DescriptionMinutes of an association of the new connexion of General Baptists, holden at Melbourne, Derbyshire, 25-28 Jun 1811.
Published: Halifax, J Nicholson, 1811.
22 pages.

Minutes of an association of General Baptist Ministers, and representatives of churches, holden at Derby, 28-30 Jun and 1 Jul 1803.
Published: London, Barnard and Sultzer, 1803. 24 pages.

Third report of the Belper Bible Association.
Published: Belper, S Mason, 1823. 24 pages.

Fourth report of the Belper Bible Association.
Published: Belper, S Mason, 1824. 22 pages.

Various reports of the British Foreign Bible Society; the Auxiliary Bible Society ... Derby, and the Derby Ladies' Bible Association.
Published: Derby, J Drewry and son, 1811-1830. With tables.

Abstract of the twenty-fourth report of the British and Foreign Bible Society, 1828.
Published: London, 1828.
8 pages.

The first annual report of the High Peak branch Bible Society, established at Bakewell, Oct 1826.
Bakewell: J Goodwin, 1827.
17 pages.
Also: Second annual report, 1828, 14 pages.
Also: leaflet on the society, published 1839, 4 pages.

A report of the Derby Female Penny Society, in aid of the British and Foreign Bible Society and of the London Society for promoting Christianity amongst the Jews.
Published: London, A McIntosh, 1816.
15 pages.

Edwyn Andrew Burnaby: Agatha; or the Convent of St Bartholomew: a tragedy of five acts. Written in August, 1819, previous to the late revolution in Spain.
Published: London, Longman, 1821.
75 pages.

Seventh report of the Derby and Derbyshire Church Missionary Association, published by order of the general meeting, at their seventh anniversary, held on Tuesday 13 May 1823.
Published: Derby, Richardson and Handford, 1823.
16 pages.

Minutes of the eighteenth general conference, of the ministers and other members of the New Church, signified by the New Jerusalem in the Revelation; being the fifth conference under the general conference deed: held at Derby, from 9 to 12 Aug 1825.
Published: London, J S Hodson, 1825 - 69.
76 pages. With Tables

The third annual report of the Derby Sunday School Union, 9 Apr 1819.
Published: Derby, G Wilkins, 1819.
14 pages.

Derbyshire Union of Congregational Churches: Various annual reports - 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 8th, 9th, 12th, 13th, 17th, 1828-1842.
Published: Derby, W and W Pike. With tables.

Abstract of proceedings of the High Peak District Committee of the Society For Promoting Christian Knowledge, from Nov 1818 to Dec 1829.
Published: John Goodwin, 1830.
24 pages

Lichfield Church Extension Society: The ninth report of the committee of the Diocesan Society for promoting church extension within the Diocese of Lichfield, adopted at the annual meeting of the society, 31 Oct 1843.
Published: Rugeley, John Thomas Walters, 1843.
37 pages, with tables

Seventh report of the [Wesleyan] Methodist Benevolent Society for the town and neighbourhood of Belper
Published: Belper, J Rosewarne, 1831
8 pages
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