Ref NoQ/UL
TitleRecords of the Derbyshire Quarter Sessions Court: Unlisted
Date17th-20th cent
Extent23 boxes
DescriptionMost of the records inherited by Derbyshire County Council on taking over the administrative functions of the Quarter Sessions Courts have been listed. However, some records, whole series in some cases, have yet to be listed. These are described in the lists for series within the Quarter Sessions collection, where series have been allocated. Where series have not been allocated, they are described in very brief terms below. Regrettably, the information given here (drawn from Derbyshire Record Office's archive location records) should be regarded as incomplete and unreliable. For each series, the total extent in boxes is given, but this is an approximation in each case. Some series may in fact have been listed, so that further investigation will establish that no unlisted material remains. Notes in brackets indicate where this is likely. Users are welcome to order this material to view in the searchroom, but please contact us giving two days' notice of what you would like to see. Appointments: County Magistrates Luncheon Club Committee 1927-1953; County Council members Luncheon Club 1934; County Magistrates Luncheon Fund account 1894-1971; Correspondence re appointment of legally qualified chairmen 1938-1953; Correspondence re Chairmanship of Quarter Sessions 1953-1954; Correspondence and minutes re Magistrates Luncheon Club 1971; Accounts re County Magistrates Luncheon Club 1951-1972; Reports and Minutes of Committee of Quarter Sessions 1954-1971; Application for Renewal of Derbyshire County Magistrates Luncheon Club 1962; Correspondence re Special Constables 1911-1926; Report of Quarter Sessions Committee, 1950-1951; Correspondence re appointments of Chairman and Deputy Chairman 1958-1971 - approx. 1 box Assizes: Reports 1863-1889. May contain further Calendars of Prisoners - (may already be listed as Q/SP) - 2 boxes Bargain & Sale: Calendars of deeds - 2 boxes Bastardy: Papers including certificates and recognizances 1781-1828 (Some or all of this material may already have been listed as Q/AG) - 1 box BlueBooks: There is no current information on the contents of the box, but the term "blue books" usually refers to statistical records published by Parliament, may refer to [central government] departmental reports - 1 box Chairman's Notes: 1910s-1940s - 1 box, plus approx. 1.5 other boxes Charities - 1 box Clerk of the Market - part of 1 box Clerk of Peace - records may be already be listed Contagious Diseases of Animals - 1 box Convictions: Specimen (1873, 1881, 1886, 1855-1871); Particulars of Convictions 1750-1799; Prosecutions 1800-1849; Certificates - approx. 8 boxes Correspondence - 1 file? Q/MagistratesLuncheonClub Unlisted - 1 box Q/Minutes of Committees Minutes of Committees 1950-1971 - 1 box Q/Miscellaneous Records described as "strays", depositions and mid-20th cent correspondence - 7 boxes Q/Police Unlisted records relating to Derbyshire Constabulary - 4 boxes Q/PollingPlaces (May now be listed as Q/RE/5) - 1 box Q/PoorLaw (May now be listed as Q/AR and Q/RV) - 1 box Q/Prisons (May now be listed as Q/AB) - 5 boxes Q/Railways "Surveyor" and "Inquisitions" records (may now be listed as Q/RP) - 2 boxes Q/Rates (May now be listed as Q/SC) - 5 boxes Q/SessionsFiles Dating from 1907-1920 - 5 boxes Q/Traverses Dating from 1793-1830 - 3 boxes Q/Treasurer Accounts, dates not known - 2 boxes Q/Unions Unlisted, 1 box Q/WarOffice Circulars and Local Reserve - 1 box
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