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Archive Reference / Library Class No.D8760/F/FSJ/1/1/37
Former ReferenceD3311/8/1/18
TitleLetter from Eleanor Anne Porden to John Franklin, relating to news from Henry Elliot on the issue of a passport for Franklin's brother, which will not actually be required
Date[Jul 1823]
DescriptionWritten Thursday evening. She is fatigued and will not go to the city until Saturday, so she will be at home; Henry Elliott has told her that no further passport is necessary now, as Franklin's brother has no doubt ascertained; she is vexed if it caused him any trouble, but she knew there was some sanction from the English Government required of military men during the residence of the Army of Occupation in France; while writing a note has come from Gower Street desiring her to engage him to tea there on Saturday, as something has to be settled between her and Franklin.
[Undated, but could possibly some time in July 1823, in the period when arrangements were being made before their marriage.]
Extent1 sheet
RepositoryDerbyshire Record Office
SenderEleanor Anne Porden
Sender LocationNo address
RecipientJohn Franklin
Recipient Location54, Great Marlborough Street
Archive CreatorSir John Franklin (1786-1847)
Gell family of Hopton Hall, Wirksworth
Transcript or IndexMy Dearest Sir,
I feel rather fatigued with my walk and shall therefore change my plans a little, and not go to the City till Saturday; so that I shall be at home in the Evening, or till two o clock tomorrow.
Henry Elliott tells me that no farther passport is necessary now – which I dare to say your brother has already ascertained, and I am only vexed I named it, if it have caused him any trouble, but I know there was some sanction from the English Government required of Military Men, during the Residence of the Army Occupation in France.
While I am writing a note comes in from Gower Street, desiring me to engage you to tea there on Saturday as there are somethings which must be talked about and settled with us. I do not know what they are but will meet you there of course.
in haste yours most affectionately
Eleanor Anne Porden.

Thursday evening.

[Addressed to]
Captain Franklin. R.N.
54 Great Marlborough St.
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