RepositoryDerbyshire Record Office
Archive Reference / Library Class No.D8760/F/FSJ/1/1/12
Former ReferenceD3311/8/1/7
TitleLetter from Eleanor Anne Porden to John Franklin, on arrangements for meeting up with people, including reference to Jane Griffin
Date[mid Jan 1823]
DescriptionSent after previous note proved to be of no use; Dr Thomson is unable to ride out tomorrow due to continued illness of his horse; Franklin can come when he wants; Miss Griffin has also cheated her, but Eleanor has her equivalent in a second walk; she makes it a rule never to be disppointed, as as something better always comes in its place.
Undated, but context suggests mid-Jan 1823.
Extent1 sheet
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SenderEleanor Anne Porden
Sender LocationNo address
RecipientJohn Franklin
Recipient LocationFrith Street
Archive CreatorSir John Franklin (1786-1847)
Gell family of Hopton Hall, Wirksworth
Transcript or IndexMy Dear Sir
It is a pleasant thing when one has had the trouble of writing a note to find that it is of no use. However, as it is a pity that good intentions should ever be lost I always make a point of sending mine on such occasions. Dr. Thomson has just been here to say that his Coach Horse continues so ill as to prevent my promised ride tomorrow – so you may come if you like, & when you like. Miss Griffin has also cheated me today, but I have had my equivalent in a second walk. Do you know I make it a rule never to be disappointed, having found that something better always comes in place of the said seeming grievance. Adieu, pour la deuxieme fois – yours affectionately – E A Porden.

[Addressed to]
Captn Franklin
Frith Street

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Thomson; Thomas (1775-1853); physician
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