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Archive Reference / Library Class No.D8760/F/FSJ/1/1/11
Former ReferenceD3311/8/3/1
TitleLetter from Eleanor Anne Porden to John Franklin, on giving him copies of her published works and wishing he could give notice of his visits
Date6-11 Jan 1823
DescriptionWants John to exchange his copies of 'Coeur de Lion', or at least replace them with hers plus a copy of 'The Veils'. Fears that he and Dr. Richardson will deride its scientific accuracy. Blames mistranslation of some sources. Copies criticism of her work. Implores him to be kind about 'The Veils' and not to read it until finishing 'Coeur de Lion'. Enjoys his evening visits but wished that they came with warning. Wishes him to meet her friends, not by accident. Teases him that he has a malicious disposition.
Extent1 sheet
RepositoryDerbyshire Record Office
SenderEleanor Anne Porden
Sender LocationBerners Street
RecipientJohn Franklin
Recipient LocationFrith Street
Archive CreatorSir John Franklin (1786-1847)
Gell family of Hopton Hall, Wirksworth
Transcript or IndexBerners Street. Jan.y 6 1823

My Dear Sir,
I thought you did not seem particularly to relish my proposal of exchanging the copies of Coeur de Lion. If you have any peculiar predilection for the two odd volumes now in Frith Street, pray retain them, as I do not want them at present, but if not, allow me to replace them by those which I send with this, and to add to them the accompanying copy of “the Veils”. You may laugh as much as you will, at so large a volume having sprung from so trifling an incident as the loss of Miss Denman’s veil, but I seriously fear that you and Dr. Richardson will have many a more formidable laugh at much of the scientific part. The whole note about the Rock Salt of Cheshire, in particular is an egregious blunder which arose from the transcription of a wrong part of some Extracts.
I was determined to refer Mr. Brown’s criticism to Dr. Johnson’s judgement – and am now ready to enter the lists with him.
“Dapple, marked with various colours, variegated. To Dapple, to streak: to vary.”
As for mottled it is not in the Dictionary, and the nearest approach to it is in that ominous word “motley”. So do not tell me again that “you don’t know what dappled means.“
“Good luck to your “ writing?
Yours affectionately
Eleanor Anne Porden.

Jan.y 11 – The above as you will perceive by the date has been written some days. An accident delayed my sending it, and when I saw you on Wednesday, I forgot it, as I generally do half the things I have meant to say to you. I am almost ashamed to send you the Veils but as it was written at 16 and published before I was 20, I hope you will read it with some indulgence – and pray do not read it till you have finished Coeur de Lion – whensoever that may happen to be.
I wished to add a few words about your Evening visits. I feel no objection to them and it <is> really the only time when we get a little quiet chat together – but I wish you could give me a hint when you are likely to come. It need not be imperative on you as an engagement, but I should be sorry you found me out, or that you should, just now, stumble upon some two or three kind friends who are so good as to take their tea with me occasionally <and whom I might as well ask one Evening as another>. I hope you will meet them hereafter, but at present it would not be so well and there is one very worthy old Lady in particular, who has a great desire to see you, from our frequent mention of you in your absence, but whose affection I could unluckily trust much farther than her prudence. Pray excuse this, a proper Woman’s Postscript – and again farewell – By the bye, why were you so desirous that I should tumble yesterday? I begin to suspect you are of a very malicious disposition, and take especial pleasure in the misfortunes of your fellow creatures!!! I am glad you were disappointed, however. Shall I see you tomorrow? I shall be at my sisters in the Evening if you have a mind to redeem your character with her.

[Addressed to]
Captain Franklin. R.N.
Frith Street.
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