Ref NoD7555/1
TitleManuscript Recipe Book of Clara Palmer-Morewood.
Extent1 volume
DescriptionPrimarily containing culinary recipes, also including medicinal and veterinary recipes. Features items obtained from the Duchess of Devonshire (probably Georgiana Cavendish 1757-1806), Mrs Arkwright of Sutton Hall, and Lady Blois of Cockfield Hall Entries are not dated until 1836, though the book appears to have commenced before this date. It did not commence earlier than 1825, when William and Clara Palmer added Morewood to their name. The Recipes listed are: Orange Jelly, French Bread p1 Omlet [Omelette], Pancakes, For a Cough, Blancmange p2 Biscuits, Walnut Catchup [Ketchup] p3 Orange Marmalade p4 To Fricassee Lobster, To make Calves Feet Jelly p5 Bread Sauce, Abesses p6 Lemon or Orange Pudding, Baked Apple Pudding p7 Fine Yorkshire Cakes, To make a light Spunge [Sponge] Cake p8 Receipt for a Yorkshire Cream Cheese, To make Seed Cakes as Bunns [Buns] p9 To make a Cheese Pudding, Minced Pies, To make Cowslip Wine p10 Fromage Fondue p11 Common Seed Cake, Quince Marmalade p12 Another Receipt for Walnut Catchup [Ketchup] p13 Sauce for any sort of Fish, Ham, Turkey &c &c p14 Cuckfield Sausages, p15 Ginger Beer [Mrs Plumer's Receipt, York] p15-16 To Preserve Peaches Whole [Mr Holland Bacholl] p17 To Preserve Nectarines p18 To Preserve Mushrooms [Mrs Leighton, Shrewsbury] p19 To Stew Eles [Eels] p20 Receipt for Lip Salve p21 A very good receipt for Fish Sauce p22 An Imitation of Ice Cream p23 The Duchess of Devonshire's Receipt for Calves Feet Jelly p24 To Preserve Seville Oranges p25 To make Cold Cream p26 To make artificial Parrowgoth Water p27 To make Brussels Cream p28 To make Currant Shrub [Mrs Charles Johnson, Enborne] p29 Peach Marmalade [Jarrin, Mrs Kinesey] p30 Slip Curd [Cockfield Hall, Lady Blois] p31 To make Orange Marmalade the Scotch way [Mrs Kinsey] p32 An excellent Omlet [Omelette] [Mrs Lindsay] p33 Ginger Beer, Enborne Receipt p34 Ginger Beer [Mrs Provost] p35 To wash Silk Stockings [Mrs Fuller] p36 To preserve Apricots fresh for Tarts [Lady Huntingfield] p37 To preserve Cucumbers for the Winter [Lady Blois], Orange Jelly p38 Rabbit Soup p39 To make Barm p40-41 To Pickle Tongues, To Cure Hams with Tar, Mrs Alderson p42 Receipt to Make Vinegar p43 Essence of Ginger, Apple Ginger p44 Jeaune [Jaune] Mange, Mullagatawny Soup p45 Soup Sautee p46 Damsun [Damson] Wine p47 Punch Jelly, Venice Cream [Mrs Wood] p48 To make a Damson Jelly [Mrs Charge] p49 Gingerbread, an excellent receipt p51 [pp50-51 not scanned?] Orange or Lemon Pudding, Crisp Paste [Mrs Vast] p52 Rhenish Cream, Spanish Fritters p53 Liver Sauce for Boil'd Fowls, Rice Cake p54 York Cheese p55 To Make a Sweet Omlet [Omelette] [Mrs Eyre, Heveningham Hall] p56 Chilly [Chilli] Vinegar, Gingerbread [Mrs Rotherham] p57 To dry Beef [Sir Thos Biddulph] p58 Cowslip Wine [Mrs Halton, Wingfield Manor] p59 Horse Raddish [Radish] Pickle, For bleaching Linen p60 To make the Currant Juice for the Jelly p61-62 To dress Haricot Beans [Simpson] p63 Cream cakes [Lady C Palmer] p64 To make a Plum Cake p65 Ripe Apricot Marmalade [Jarrins, Mrs Kinsey] p66 To cure Hams [Capt Wrag] p67 Another way that gives a higher Flavour, Captn Wrag p68 A Sweet Omlette [Omelette] p69 Leg of Pork Roasted [Mrs C Mill] p70 To make Anchovy Butter [Mr Hunt] p71 Spanish Puffs [Mr Hunt] p71-72 The Petty Shoes [Petit Choux] exactly made the same as the Spanish Puffs only baked instead of fried p73 An excellent Sponge Cake [Miss Halton's receipt, Wingfield Manor] p74 Ginger Beer [Mrs Eardley, Norton] p75 A very good method to keep Hams after they are cured [Mrs Witholt], To cure bitter balm p76 A Napkin Cheese [Mrs Philippa Brookebank] p77 Substitute for Soap or to make hard water soft. Mr Barnard's receipt, Strawberry Jelly p78 Biscuit Pudding [Mrs Miller, Radway] p79 Cherries in Bottles [Lady Shadbroke] p80 Stewed Oranges [Mrs Gregory] p81 To pot Lobsters [Mrs Wood, Swanwick] p82 Lobster Curry [Le Papier de Nouvelle] p83 Pancakes [Mrs John Coke, Dipdale] p84 White Orange Brandy, Griddle Cakes [an Irish receipt] p85 Orange Brandy p86 Apple Marmalade [Mrs Wood] p87 Garlic Vinegar, Mrs Bilbie p88 Hung Beef p89 Dried Apples p90 To pot Trout [Mrs Hall, Park Hall] p91-92 Orange Brandy [Miss E Bilbie, 1838] p93 Almond Gauffres [Miss G Turner, Liverpool] p94 Bakewell Pudding [1837] p95 Fanchourettes [Liverpool, Miss G Turner] p96-97 Lemon Vermecelli [Liverpool, Miss G Turner] p97-98 Macaroni [Mr John Clowes] p98 Thin Biscuits [Mr Beadley, Bakewell, Mr Greaves, Oct 25th 1838] p99 Orange Jelly Mrs Slitgoe's receipt, Lady Sunderland's Puddings [Mrs Bilbie] p100 From the back: Iceland Moss [Mrs Bilbie] [p0] Lilac Dye p1 Apple Trees p2 Iceland Moss [Mrs Bilbie] p3 The dimensions of the Peach House at Cockfield Hall and A Good Receipt for Chapped Hands [Miss Parry's receipt, 1839] p4 For a relaxed sore throat and For a sore throat p5 For weakness, Dr Simms and Digestive Pills p6 Head ach[e] pills, Dr Baily and A very good recipe for large round worms in the stomach [Mr Spencer] p7 To make salts of lemon [Miss Bilbie] and For the Hooping Cough p8-9 For Cuts and Bruises [Mrs Astley] p9 For a bad Cough [Dr Darwin] and For a bad scald [Mr Spencer's receipt] p10 Bottled Ore [Mr Goring, Tenby] p11 Marsh Mallow [ Mr Goring, Tenby] and Receipt for the Gout [Lord Cartaret's remedy] p12 Cold Cream [Dr Boysragon, Cheltenham] p13 A Cure for Hooping Cough and For the Toothach[e] [Mrs Arkwright, Sutton Hall] p14 Sir Astley Cooper's Remedy for a Dropsy, or Water on the Chest p15-16 Lozenges for the Heartburn [Miss Biddulph], p17-18 Pot Pourri [Mrs Read, Mansfield Woodhouse] p18-19 A Cure for Dogs who are troubled with the Snort, Mr Spencer, p19 To wash Chintz [Mrs Bilbie] p20 Worm Powders [Miss Bilbie] p21 A Preparation for Seed Wheet [Mr Stilgoe, Chapel Ascot] p22 To make pastilles, Mrs Hall, Park Hall p23 Available on CD: see CD/298 This document is number 12 in Derbyshire Record Office’s “50 Treasures” selection. 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