RepositoryDerbyshire Record Office
Archive Reference / Library Class No.D4899/108
Title(1-12) Chesterfield Juvenile Court adoption papers and orders
DescriptionD4899/108/1/1-28 Unnumbered, 1927-1930 and orders numbered 52-55, 57-70 1934-1935
D4899/108/2/1-16 order numbers 61-77 for years 1936-1937
D4899/108/3/1-3 order numbers 78-80 for years 1937-1938
D4899/108/4/1-16 order numbers 91-106 for years 1939-1940
D4899/108/5/1-23 order numbers 107-126, 128-130, for years 1940-1942
D4899/108/6/1-19 order numbers 131-138, 140-148 for years 1942-1943
D4899/108/7/1-22 order numbers 149-163, 166-172 for years 1943-1944
D4899/108/8 order number 165 for 1944 (loose)
D4899/108/9/1-22 order numbers 173-194 for years 1944-1945
D4899/108/10/1-17 order numbers 196-212 for years 1945-1946
D4899/108/11 order number 297 for 1952
D4899/108/12/1-5 Unnumbered/not proceeded with, 1941-1947
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Archive CreatorHopkins and Proctor of Chesterfield, solicitors
Access CategoryCLOSED
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