Ref NoD307/H/28/1
TitleRecipe book of Mrs Thornhill, Longstone, started 6 Aug 1863
Extent1 volume
DescriptionPage 1: Ground rice cake/Rhubarb wine Page 2: [?]Amonia buns/Cowslip wine Page 4: Pork pie crust/hair wash Page 5: Ginger wine Page 6: To cure a ham/To cure a bullock's liver Page 8: Orange marmalade Page 9: Ginger biscuits Page 10: Lemon cheesecakes Page 11: Soda cakes Page 12: A good sponge cake Page 11: Rice cakes Page 12: Lemon cream/Apple cheesecakes Page 13: An excellent pudding/Lemon pudding Page 14: Biscuits/Jelly Page 15: Lemon jam Page 16: Amber tarts/Plum pudding Page 17: Bakewell tart/Pickled onions Page 18: Cream cheese Page 20: Plainer Bakewell pudding Page 21: Paste blacking Page 22: Pomade/[?]Thur Cake Page 23: Harness blacking/To pickle eggs Page 24: Polka pudding/Shrewsbury cakes/Queen cakes Page 25: Cracknels/White gingerbread Page 26: Buns/Lemon mince Page 27: Another lemon mince Page 28: Common gingerbread/For making barms Page 29: Gooseberry vinegar/Apple jelly Page 30: To make currant bread Page 31: For [w]hooping cough/Elder wine Page 32: Castle cakes Page 34: Damson cheese Page 35: Sutherland cake Page 36: White cake/Potato pudding Page 37: Sponge cake pudding Page 38: Bun loaf/Pomatum Page 39: Two recipes for pomade Page 40: For diarrhoea Page 41: For a cough Page 42: For a cough Page 43: Pomatum Page 45: To candy fruit Page 44: Gingerbread pudding/To preserve strawberries whole Page 46: Rhubarb jam/[?]Strong mountain wine/Tomato sauce Page 47: Bath pudding Page 48: Chutney Page 49: Damson pickle Page 50: Malt wine Page 51: Strengthening jelly for [?]/Ginger wine Page 52: Chutney Page 53: Luncheon cake/Apple jam Page 54: Colts Fool wine Page 55: Vegetable marrow preserve Page 56: Scottish marmalade Page 58: Blackley pudding/scotch bread Page 59: Scones/Marmalade Page 61: Two cake recipes from two different women Page 62: Lemon buns/Hot buns for tea Page 63: Coconut biscuits/Almond tartlets/Shard pudding Page 64: Apple chutney Page 65: Baking powder Page 67: An excellent salve for toils, gatherings or wounds of any description
Related MaterialRecipes from this book were published by Longstone Local History Group as 'A Derbyshire Victorian Recipe Book by Mrs. R Thornhill''. There is a copy in the Local Studies collection (ref. 641.594251)
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