Ref NoD258/54/4
TitleGrangerised volume of the Derbyshire volume of Daniel & Samuel Lysons' Magna Britannia
CreatorGell family of Hopton Hall, Wirksworth
Descriptionpp9-12 Lysons' text
p13 Printed view: SE view of Alfreton Church
p17-20 Lysons' text
p21 Printed view: Ashbourne, 1817
p23 Printed views 1) `Ashbourne from the Derby Road' 2) `Ashbourn Hall' by Glover
pp25-6 Lysons' text with printed extract referring to assumption of the surname Cockayne by Capt Cust
p27 1) Printed view of Ashbourne Church
2) Printed extract re memorial window in Ashbourne Church
p29 Printed views: `monuments in Ashborne Church Sir Humphrey Bradburne Kt, Penelope dau of Sir Brooke Boothby Bart'
p31 Print: inscription on dedication stone for Ashbourne church
p33 1) Printed view: `Ashbourne church from the south'
2) Printed extract: Ashbourne Church meeting of parochial church council and opening of the Corden memorial organ'
pp35-36, 39-40, 43-44 Lysons' text with printed account of snowstorm in 1692 in the High Peak (p44)
p45 Plan (tracing, col.) of parsonage and grounds at Hognaston, 1858
pp51-2,59-60 Lysons' text
p63 Portrait print of Rt Hon James Abercromby `late Speaker of the House of Common, sometime resident at Stubbing Edge'
pp67-8, 71-72 Lysons' text
p73 Watercolour of Aston on Trent Hall
p74 Watercolour of Aston on Trent Church
pp77-78 Lysons' text
p79 1) Portrait photograph of RWM Nesfield `agent to Duke of Rutland'
2) Letter from RWM Nesfield, nd
p81 Printed view of Bakewell showing bridge, 1840
p87 Printed views 1)`A chantry in Bakewell Churchyard Co Derby, 1781'
2) `view of doorway on the west front of Bakewell church'
p91 Pencil sketches: `Two views of East Lodge, Bakewell H Barkers esq', 1844
pp93-96 Lysons' text inc photographic print of Holme Hall (p93), printed extract re English dinners by `A Derbyshire Peakrill', 1858 (p94)
p97 Printed views 1) `Haddon Castle'
2) `West view of Haddon Hall'
p99 Pencil drawing by `Dinah' of `Haddon, north entrance'
p101 Photographic prints 1) `in the court, Haddon'
2) `East window in the chapel, Haddon'
3) `Dovecot' 4) steps `to the terrace'
p103 Photographic prints 1) `Haddon south view' of park 2) `railway near Haddon made 1862' showing flat bed railway trucks
pp107-112 Lysons' text with added photographic prints 1) Belvoir Castle 2) Haddon House [poor quality] (p107) 3) Ashford village and church 4) Churchdale nr Asfhford 5) Churchdale `presented by Ed Howarth Jan 1864' (p108) 6) Ashford church 7) Ashford mill (p109) 8) Baslow church and bridge over Derwent 9) Old Hall, Beeley (p110) 10) Beeley Church (p111) 11) printed view: Old Hall Hotel, Buxton (p112)
p.113 Printed view: Buxton, 1817
p115 Printed views 1) Buxton, 1849
2) Buxton, 1841
pp117-124 Lysons' text inc photographic print of Longstone village (p122)
p126 Letter from Sophy de Rodes [Nov 1863]
p127-134, 129-140 Lysons' text
p143 Printed view by Kip of Bolsover Castle
p145 MS letter from Revd John Hamilton Gray of Bolsover 14 Dec 1861
pp147-150 Watercolour drawing of `View in the Via Gellia near Bonsall' by M de Polier Vernand, nee Mary Nicholas
p163 Photographic print `in Bonsall village' showing cross
pp167-172 Lysons' text with photographic prints 1) Bonsall church 2) Bonsall church and churchyard (p167)
p173 Photographic print of house at Brassington
p175 Photographic print of `Harbro' Rocks'
p177 Printed view of Tissington church, 1773
p179-180 Lysons' text
p183 Breadsall Old Hall
pp189-192 Lysons' text
p193 Portrait print of Erasmus Darwin MD, FRS
pp195-6 Lysons' text
p197 Pencil drawing of Carsington church
p199 Licence for absence from clerical duties signed by H[enry Ryder] bishop of Lichfield, 1824
pp205-6 Lysons' text inc printed view `entrance to the Peak Cavern, Derbyshire' (p206)
p207 Photographic print of cavern `Castleton church'
p209 Printed views 1) entrance to Peak Cavern
2) View into Hope Dale from the Winnats, 1822
p210 Printed views 1) into interior of Peak Cavern 2) `Entrance to the Winett, Castleton' 1840
p213 Printed views `Castleton and the hill Mam Tor' 1817
p215 Printed views 1) `Arx diaboli in the Peak, Derbyshire' 2) Castleton, Derbyshire with bridge in foreground
p217 Printed view `entrance into Pool's Hole' and `entrance into Peak's Hole' 1764
p220 Printed extract: Bradshaw Hall nr Chapel en le Frith, by William Bennett, illustrated with printed sketches by Llewellynn Jewitt
p221 Lysons' text with printed view of Chapel en le Frith
p222-224 Lysons' text
p225 Printed view: South View of Chesterfield Church, 1799
pp229-278 Printed booklet: Trial of John Platts for murder of Geo Collis at Chesterfield, 1847
pp279-282 Lysons' text
p283 Printed views 1) Chesterfield Church 2) & 3) brasses at Chesterfield 4) monuments at Chesterfield
p284 Printed view: Chesterfield Grammar School
pp285-6 Lysons' text
p287 Portrait print: Revd Samuel Pegge, 1704-1796, Engraved 1818
pp291-294 Lysons' text
p.295 Printed view: Wingerworth Church
pp297-300 Lysons' text with printed obituary to Lady Scarisbrick widow of Sir T Windsor Hunloke, who took name Scarisbrick on the death of her brother, 16 Mar 1872
p301 Photographic print: Crich church
pp303-306 Lysons' text with photographs of Dalbury Church and Norman window (p306)
p310 Photographic print: `Dale Abbey yew tree'
pp311-312 Lysons' text
p314 Portrait photograph: Joseph Whitworth at Stancliffe Hall, Darley
pp315-316 Lysons' text inc printed Darley Dale ballad (p316)
pp317-323 Ms copy of same ballad
p325 Printed view of South Darley or Cross Green church
p327 Letter to `My dear Nesfield' from John Manners, Belvoir, 11 Dec 1860
p329 Printed extract re monument to Lady John Manners in Rowsley church `put up Mar 1862'
p331 Photographic print of St Catherine's Church, Rowlsley
p333 Photographic print of Darley Rectory
p336 Photographic prints 1) Peacock Inn, Rowsley
2) `Old mill at Rowsley'
pp337-8 Lysons' text
pp342-347 Printed map of Derby and printed description of Derbyshire, [18th cent]
pp349-350 Lysons' text
p355 Printed view of Derby, 1817
p357 Printed view of All Saints' tower, Derby
p359 Printed view `East view of Derby' nd
p361 Two printed views of Derby, nd
p363 Printed views 1) `South west view of the County Gaol' 2) `South view of County Hall'
p365 Letter from Horace Walpole [later 4th Earl of Oxford] 1717-1797, Strawberry Hill, 20 Oct 1790 to Richard French at Derby
pp369 Printed views 1) `West view of the Theatre', Derby 2) `West view of the Assembly House', Derby 8) printed extract re Assembly House rules
pp371-3 Printed extract re trial and execution of Anthony Turner of Belper for murder of Phoebe Barnes, 1852
pp375-6 Lysons' text with printed extract re `persons hanged at Derby from 1732 to 1862' (p375)
p377 Printed views 1) Derby inc Silk Mill, 1794
2) `Thomas Topharn, the strong man'
pp379-380 Lysons' text
p381 Printed views: 1) `General Baptist chapel, St Mary's Gate' 2) `Mr Taylor's silk mill, Derby' (for copy, see CD29)
p383 Printed views 1) `north east view of the Calvinist Meeting House' 2) `Meeting house in Friargate'
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Darwin; Erasmus (1731-1802); Dr; physician, natural philosopher, physiologist, slave-trade abolitionist, inventor and poet
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