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Archive Reference / Library Class No.D1564/27
TitleTitle map of part of the estates of William, George Benson and Joseph Strutt in Belper, Milford and Makeney, begun in 1820 with revisions up to 1829
DescriptionA beautifully detailed map showing natural features, buildings including houses and the mills at Belper and Milford, allotments, field boundaries, selected field acreages, parcel numbers for property owned by the Strutts and names of owners for adjacent land.

With several sets of plot numbers referring to the Belper and Duffield Enclosure of 1791 and the Strutt estate survey of 1819-1820 (see D1564/24). The description on the map indicates that it was created 'to illustrate the extent of property acquired under each of the several title deeds and having a particular reference to a book. A full explanation of the shading used is given on the map. In addition to the revisions up to 1829 on the original 1820 survey, further annotations appear to have been to the map, including (for example) the route of the Midland Railway. Several annotations also give details of exchange of properties, and new and old roads, with relevant dates.

Large parts of the towns are not included because the purpose of the map is to show the property owned by the three Strutt brothers, everything else was left out. However, with the addition of the route of the railway, the map does indicate how the original landscape was affected as the river had to be re-routed between Duffield and Milford.

The meaning of the various exquisite patterns are given on the map itself, along with a note to indicate that a separate schedule was created as a key to the several sets of plot numbers.

Surveyor: [Joseph] B H Bennett
Scale: 40 chains/440 yards to 0.5 mile
Extent1 item
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Archive CreatorStrutt family of Belper
Physical DescriptionSize of plan: 192 x 3700 cm. Size of document (with empty space): 192 x 5500 cm
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RelatedMaterialSee D1564/28 for a schedule which can be seen at the Record Office includes details of the individual occupiers who rented the different buildings and fields from the Strutt family. This may not be the original schedule produced with this map.
AcknowledgementsAdditional catalogue description provided by Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site Great Place Scheme project volunteers in 2018 and map was digitised externally with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund as part of the same project.
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