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TitleChesterfield Borough Council: Unlisted records
DescriptionThis collection contains material which is unlisted. See search room supervisor for interim list.
An 1823 tax assessment from this collection is available on DVD/515

Accession of May 2015: electoral register and street index, 2002

Accession of June 2015: deeds and charters of Chesterfield Borough, 1226-1663. These items have been digitised and can be viewed via the computers at the record office. All deeds are in Latin unless otherwise stated
34) Wakes Charter, 1294 (mounted);- Agreement with William Brewer, 1226;- 90) dated 22 Jun, 46 Edw III [1372], with partial seal;- 1) dated 12 May, 20 Edw IV [1480];- 15) Petition, dated 1 Dec, 9 Eliz [1566] - English;- 12) Letters patent, dated 28 Oct, 10 Hen IV [1408];- 35) Composition for Chesterfield, dated 3 Mar, 19 Edw IV [1481], some partial seals;- 92) Letters patent, dated 25 Sep, 16 Ric II [1392], with partial seal; woven seal tag;- 2) dated 13 Dec, 9 Eliz [1566], with partial seal;- 14) Letters patent, dated 28 Nov, 2 Edw VI [1548], with partial Great Seal; woven seal tag;- 91) Letters patent, dated 1 May, 4 Ric II [1381], with partial seal;- 93) ?Pardon, dated 4 Nov, 25 Hen ?VI [?1446], with partial seal;- 95) Faculty for seats in the parish church of Chesterfield for the Mayor and Aldermen and their wives, dated 1 Aug ?1621;- 18) Intrument for Regulating the Corporation, dated 25 Sep, 14 Char II [1663], with all seals surviving (John Freshville, George Vernon, Richard Coke, Charles Cotton, John Shallcross, Charles Agard, and Simon Degg;- Envelope containing broken pieces of seals;- Old wrapping reading 'Abstract of Title of Joseph Cecil [for] Tithes in the Parish of Dronfield [c1465]-1978

Accession, Dec 2015: Council minutes including minutes of various committees 1836-1994; official (verbatim) reports of proceedings of meetings 1953-1964; Education Committee minutes 1906-1919 (some gaps)

Accession, Aug 2016: civil defence records, 1937-1963 transferred from Chesterfield Library: Local Studies (some items are not generally available for public consultation - for interim list, see attached pdf)

Accession, Oct 2016: Chesterfield Corporation Record Books, 1646-1790, 1791-1836 (2 vols) - The latter is the final minute book

Accession, Apr 2017: Papers relating to the twinning link between Chesterfield and Yangquan [Shanxi province, China], including: A history of the link, 1994; newspaper cuttings, 1998; correspondence, Dec 1997 - Mar 1998; programme and flyer for a Celebration Concert, Mar 1998; programme for a performance by the Yangquan Cultural Group during the visit to Chesterfield, 26 Mar - 1 Apr 1998 [in Chinese]; timetable for Social Evening to welcome Yangquan delegation to Chesterfield, [1998]; 'Twinning News' issue no. 21, [1998]; draft programme for the Yangquan delegation, Feb 1998; sheet music for a song composed by the Yangquan delegation, entitled 'The Song of Frernd ship [Friendship]', [1998]; list of delegates from the Cultural Group of Yangquan, including names, sex, title and dates of birth, [1998 - not generally available for consultation]

Re-Accession, Oct 2017: Black & White photograph of George Albert Eastwood, J.P. [20th cent]

Accession, Apr 2018: Photograph of the Borough Councillors outside the Municipal Hall, Chesterfield [c1900]

Accession, Jun 2018 (1): Charter confirming the charter of Henry III, c.1465 [in Latin] (p44); Charter confirming to the burgesses the charters of Henry III, Edward IV and Henry VII, dated c.1512 [in Latin] (p54); Letters patent confirming the charter of Richard II, creating a guild in the Church of All Saints, Chesterfield [in Latin] [early 16th cent] (p133); Charter confirming privileges bestowed to Burgesses of Chesterfield, 1566/7 [in Latin] (p71); Elizabeth II - grant for the perpectual succession of the Burgesses of Chesterfield and the use of the coat of arms, 10 Nov 1955; Warrant confirming the Borough status of Chesterfield following the Local Government Act 1972, dated 27 Feb 1974; Patent of Arms for the Council of the Borough of Chesterfied, 12 Jun 1978; Translations of the older documents are all found in 'Records of the Borough of Chesterfield: Being a Series of Extracts from the Archives of the Corporation of Chesterfield, and of Other Repositories' by John Pym Yeatman Nabu Press (1 Jan. 2010) - page numbers in brackets

Accession, Jun 2018 (2): 'Lighting Bought Ledger (No.5)', 1915-1925, Watch and Light Committee Correspondence, 1897 - 1902 & 1902 - 1907

Accessions, Nov 2018: various minutes, legal papers and other records, 19th-20th century

Accession, Jan 2019: Scarsdale Assessment Committee (S.A.C.) Minutes, 1933 etc.; Town Clerk’s Department minutes, 1930s/40s; Town Council and various committee minutes, c.1950s; Documents relating to various charities, including Brampton School, Chesterfield Grammar School and Chesterfield Municipal Charities; Council minutes, c.1960s; Documents relating to Overseers of the Poor; Appointment of Prints of Orders 1895-96; Print of County Council Order, 1906; Plans, 1913; Trolley Buses: Sessions, Plans & Sections, early 20th cent.; Plans for building works within the borough; Chesterfield Bill 1876; Reports to committees; Chesterfield Borough Extension. Order, 1910; Chesterfield Corporation Act, 1923; Documents regarding council committees and reports, c.1920s; Copy book of council correspondence

Accessions, Apr 2019: Burgess Rolls, 1835-1882; Chesterfield Waterworks/Gaslight plans and maps 1873-c1940s; Civil Defence Index Cards, c1938-c1960s; Corporation Apprenticeship Register 1881-1830 giving name, (often signed themselves) age, father's name and occupation, master's name and occupation, arrangements for board, lodging, clothing, etc. This item was bound by Chesterfield Library with a printed index to the register

Box 216: Translations of the Charters of Chesterfield Borough, originals dated 1232-1540; Chesterfield Borough Cemeteries: Rules and regulations for Spital and Boythorpe cemeteries (printed) [1920s] and extracts from minutes, rules and regulations, fees, wage details, correspondence and other papers [early 20th cent]; Typescripts of Chesterfield Wills and Inventories 1604-1700, typescripts dated 1982; programme for the official opening of Unstone Sewage Disposal Works, 14 Jan 1939
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