Ref NoD1040
TitleDerbyshire County Council: South East Derbyshire Divisional Executive (County Education Department)
CreatorDerbyshire County Council: South East Derbyshire Divisional Executive ( County Education Department)
Organsation TypeOfficial Bodies - Local and Central Government
Organsation Sub-TypeCounty Council
Description Internal Management
D1040/CE/1/1-6 Divisional Executive minutes, 1945-1967
D1040/CE/2/1 Ilkeston schools canteen committee minutes 1948-1952
D1040/CE/3/1 Newspaper cuttings, 1939-1948
D1040/CE/4/1-5 Schools Medical Officer: annual reports, 1950-1954
D1040/CE/5/1-18 Board (later Ministry) of Education reports, 1927-1958
D1040/CE/6/1 Register of Births, 1946-1956
D1040/CE/7/106 Staff books, 1945-1948

Inherited records
D1040/CE/8-11 Long Eaton School Board records, 1877-1901
D1040/CE/12-15 Ilkeston Borough Education Committee records, 1900-1945

Schools Management
D1040/CE/16/1 Breaston: Weston Mere School, 1957-1969
D1040/CE/17/1-4 Codnor Secondary (formerly Council) School, 1914-1964
D1040/CE/18/1 Codnor: Crosshill C E School, 1952-1962
D1040/CE/19/1-4 Heanor Evening Institute Committee, 1919-1966
D1040/CE/20/1-7 Heanor Grammar School, 1910-1963
D1040/CE/21/1-6 Heanor Groups of Primary (formerly Council) Schools, 1934-1962
D1040/CE/22/1 Heanor: Aldercar Secondary School, 1955-1964
D1040/CE/23/1-5 Ilkeston Grammar School, 1906-1968
D1040/CE/24/1-2 Ilkeston Secondary Schools, 1948-1957
D1040/CE/25/1 Ilkeston: Bennerley Secondary School, 1950-1967
D1040/CE/26/1 Ilkeston: Cavendish (Girls) Secondary School, 1950-1968
D1040/CE/27/1 Ilkeston: Gladstone (Boys) Secondary School, 1950
D1040/CE/28/1-2 Ilkeston: Hallcroft Secondary School, 1950-1967
D1040/CE/29/1 Ilkeston County Primary Schools, 1943-1948
D1040/CE/30/1-3 Ilkeston: Hallam Fields Council Schools, 1903-1939
D1040/CE/31/1-2 Kirk Hallam CE School, 1903-1965
D1040/CE/32/1-3 Long Eaton: Evening Institute Committee, 1914-1966
D1040/CE/33/1-10 Long Eaton County Primary Schools, 1912-1949
D1040/CE/34/1 Long Eaton: CE Schools, 1903-1933
D1040/CE/35/1 Long Eaton: New Sawley Infants Schools, 1913-1921
D1040/CE/36/1 Long Eaton: Sawley Council Schools, 1925-1938
D1040/CE/37/1-2 Long Eaton Secondary School, 1933-1957
D1040/CE/38/1 Long Eaton: Grange Secondary School, 1950-1964
D1040/CE/39/1 Long Eaton: Wilsthorpe Secondary School, 1954-1964
D1040/CE/40/1 Long Eaton Secondary Schools co-ordinating committee 1964
D1040/CE/41/1-2 Sandiacre County Schools, 1903-1950
D1040/CE/42/1 Sandiacre: Friesland Secondary School, 1954-1969
D1040/CE/43-47 Unassigned

D1040/CE/48/1-8 Mounted photographic plates n.d.
D1040/CE/49/1-8 Mounted metal printing blocks, n.d.
Extent30 boxes, 12 parcels
Administrative HistoryDivisional executives were set up in 1945, under the provisions of the 1944 Education Act. Derbyshire was split up into five divisions: North-West, North East, Mid, South-East and South. The Borough of Chesterfield became an Excepted District, with its own executive: Derby, as a county borough, ran its own education service at this date. In 1974, divisional executives were replaced by Area Education offices, whose boundaries followed those of the new district councils. The bulk of the South-East division became part of the new Amber Valley and Erewash Area (from records transferred by this Area, see D1631): the exception was Shardlow and Wilne which became part of the Derby and South Derbyshire Area. See the accompanying map for the area covered by this executive. The bulk of the transferred records stem from two only of the various functions of the executive. Firstly, it provided the clerks and secretarial service for the governors and managers of schools in the area – governors’ or managers’ minutes for individual schools or groups of schools have been transferred. Secondly, in many cases, the records of closed schools (log books, admission registers and related papers) were passed to the executive for safe-keeping: are also deposited in Derbyshire Record Office and are now listed under their individual deposit numbers
Custodial HistoryThese records were transferred in March 1972 and April 1974.
Related MaterialFor records of closed schools see:-
Codnor Secondary School, 1873-1964 (D4357)
Ilkeston: Bennerley Infants School, 1881-1959 (D4358)
Kirk Hallam CE School, 1874-1965 (D4359)
Long Eaton Secondary School, c1908-1935 (D4360)
Long Eaton: Wellington St. Handicraft Centre, 1923-1939 (D4361)
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