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Junction 28 Arts Project [draft] annual report for 1982-1983

This report does not have a front cover or any illustrations and includes a copy of Junction 28's grant application for 1982-1983. The text begins with the words "Junction 28 has been established for nearly seven years", whereas D7913/1/1/1983 refers to the project having been founded five years previously. The text of the two documents is entirely different and yet they both appear to refer to the 1982-1983 financial year - hence the suggested designation of this document as a draft for the the next.



Junction 28 Arts Project annual report


D7913/1/1/1994/1: Progress Report, September 1994 (4 pages)

D7913/1/1/1994/2: Activity Report, September 1994 (3 pages)



Postcard invitation to view the 20,000-piece mosaic made by Hilcote residents with Zantium Mosaics and the teen shelter designed by young people from Hilcote (see D7913/6/7/18) at a celebration event at B. Winning Methodist Chapel, Hilcote, 2 Sep [2006].




"Combine: Farming Heritage East Midlands"

A pilot project for "Combine" was undertaken with pupils from Shirebrook Academy in 2010, during a series of visits to Hill Top Farm in Ashover to learn about traditional skills and explore contemporary rural life. The full project, two years later, was far more ambitious, working across six counties in the East Midlands: Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire. The activities tackled by young people during the course of the project included: farm and cattle market visits, falconry, map-making, museum and record office visits (including work...



JA40: the 40th anniversary of Junction Arts


D7913/1/3/13/1: Large postcard inviting participation in the project in the form of written contributions. The front shows a rainbow-coloured Junction 28 logo from the early 1980s.

D7913/1/3/13/2: Large postcard inviting participation in the project in the form of written contributions. The front shows a Junction 28 logo from the later 1980s.

D7913/1/3/13/3: Postcard announcing the 40th anniversary of Junction Arts. The front shows the specially-designed JA40 logo, repeated in six colours.



Management planning

2-year plans, 3-year plans etc.

There is substantial cross-over between the contents of this series and D7913/2/3, the grant application papers.



Annual General Meeting papers

This file is largely comprised of undated papers, mainly from the late 1980s. Most of the material is of a sort that might have been presented at an Annual General Meeting, but there is no evidence that this is why these items were found in the same folder. The papers include annual reports from various post-holders, including the Chairman, Arts Worker, Co-ordinator. It also includes brief financial summaries of the organisation, illustrating its income and expenditure - but these are not in a format that can easily be used to track changes in the organisation's fortunes over time. The...



Contents of folder marked "Junction 28 database"

Folder containing the names, addresses and telephone numbers of people involved in Junction 28 in various capacities. Comprising:

D7913/2/10/1/1: Junction 28 Support Group

D7913/2/10/1/2: Junction 28 Drama Group

D7913/2/10/1/3: Junction 28 Writers Group

D7913/2/10/1/4: Junction 28 Workshop participants

D7913/2/10/1/5: Junction Arts supporters and volunteers

D7913/2/10/1/6: Junction Arts participants

D7913/2/10/1/7: Junction Arts contacts archive

D7913/2/10/1/8: Arts workers, local contacts and local organisations

D7913/2/10/1/9: Junction 28 artists and craftspeople




Junction Arts project evaluation file

File of evaluation reports, participant surveys, email correspondence and other work assessment records. The primary function of these records is to meet the reporting requirements of funding bodies, but some are intended for internal use within Junction Arts. Some also provide feedback to artists to help them improve their project work in future, and feedback from artists to Junction Arts about the organisational aspects of events. The format varies widely from project to project. A typical evaluation report will include a description of the project undertaken, some quotations from...



Bolsover Lantern Parade/Victorian Festival photographs

Bolsover Lantern Parade has been one of the most enduring of Junction Arts' recurring events. Over the years there have been some variations in the name and different arrangements for funding and timing, but the basic elements have remained the same: a night-time parade through the town, with people carrying lanterns which they have made under the direction of Junction Arts. Photographs in this series show the lanterns being created, the creative range of the lanterns constructed each year, the people involved, and other organised activities taking place alongside the parade, especially...



Bolsover Lantern Parade photographs, grouped together by year

The parade in 2004 was part of an event called Bolsover Illuminations (see D7913/6/7/15)



Bolsover Children's Festival

Bolsover Children's Festival was a large event run by Junction Arts over many years, centred on Bolsover Castle. Photographs typically show children engaged in activities in the grounds of the castle such as craft work, games, dance, and dressing up in historical costumes. They are typically colour 6 x 4 inch prints, marked on the reverse as being in the copyright of Junction Arts.

This series of photographs has been arranged by year and the particular year forms the final component in the reference number, so there are no files associated with the range of references D7913/3/2/1-1994...



Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year


D7913/3/3/1976/1: Midsummer Arts Festival. Single photograph undated but c1976, showing a giant painted wooden head being held by a child in a mask.

D7913/3/3/1976/2: "Playground mural". Photographs undated but c1976, showing a decorative floor design being installed in the playground of a school, to create a giant Snakes And Ladders board.



Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year


D7913/3/3/1977/1: Mask workshop playgroup. 4 photographs of children and adults using papier mache and standing alongside a giant [?papier mache] three-eyed monster head. A separate group of seven photographs shows people in masks at South Normanton Carnival in 1979.

D7913/3/3/1977/2: Silver Jubilee event. Photograph of a giant effigy of Queen Elizabeth II in a car park; photograph of the same effigy, standing behind a line-up of five men in various costumes, including Supernorm (see below) amidst a crowd of adults and children.

D7913/3/3/1977/3: Supernorm - 2 photographs of...



Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year

D7913/3/3/1978/1: Celia the Snake - South Normanton New Street Courtyard. Photographs of people constructing a scultpture of a giant snake, possibly from concrete.



Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year

D7913/3/3/1979/1: The Dinosaur on the Top Rec. Photographs of the construction of a dinosaur sculpture in a recreation ground, including photographs of children playing on the finished sculpture.

D7913/3/3/1979/2: Photograph of two seated young women reading from the script of The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Undated but approximately late 1970s.

D7913/3/3/1979/3: Murals and Mosaics. Photographs of children constructing a mural at Pinxton Longwood Infants School. Undated but approximately late 1970s.

D7913/3/3/1979/4: Dream Machine. Two photographs of a youth theatre group production.



Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year


D7913/3/3/1980/1: Photographs of participants in the Bolsover District Walk, in aid of the Multiple Sclerosis Society, c1980 (undated images - 5 at 10 x 8 inches, 7 at 6 x 4 inches)

D7913/3/3/1980/2: Photograph of Simon Hatfield wearing a costume including the lid of a rubbish bin as a hat, holding a bag of sweets/crisps. Endorsed "Rubbish story - puppet - Sept 1980" (See also D7913/3/5)



Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year


D7913/3/3/1981/1: Pinxton Carnival photographs (32 at 6 x 4 inches)

D7913/3/3/1981/2: [South Normanton] Play scheme: photographs of children painting and banners promoting the play scheme (14 at 6 x 4 inches)

D7913/3/3/1981/3: Make A Sun God. Two photographs of children making masks and wearing them in a group portrait.

D7913/3/3/1981/4: South Normanton Community Centre mural. Single photograph of interior mural, showing the characters Dennis the Menace and his dog Gnasher, from The Beano.

D7913/3/3/1981/5: All Our Own Work: arts and crafts hobbies exhibition. Five photographs...



Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year


D7913/3/3/1982/1: Circus Skills workshops. 9 images, some black and white. Subjects include children stilt-walking, riding unicycles and leaping through a hoop. One boy is wearing a t-shirt expressing support of England in the 1982 football world cup and this is the only internal evidence of a date.

D7913/3/3/1982/2: Pinxton Fun Week. 8 photographs of children learning how to use video cameras. These images are also undated but dress appears to date from the early 1980s.

D7913/3/3/1982/3: T.O.O.T. Group, described as "a group of enterprising women who developed at printed...



Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year


D7913/3/3/1983/1: "Outdoor inflatables" - 6 photographs of children playing with inflatables. For a related administrative file including a schedule of events attended by the inflatables in 1983, see D7913/6/8/5/1.

D7913/3/3/1983/2: Photographs of children in the early stages of creating a woven wall hanging. Both images are undated but a photograph of the same artwork at a later stage of development may be found in the 1983/1984 Junction 28 Arts Project annual report, which describes it as a giant wall weaving created by children involved in the 1983 summer playscheme during...



Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year


D7913/3/3/1984/1: South Normanton Carnival. In this file, images of the carnivals from 1984 and 1986 are intermixed. Photographs include: man dressed as clown, black and white photographs of carnival queens, BMX bicycle club (1984), Spanish-style giant effigies standing beside a clown wearing roller-skates, child dressed as a Viking on a tricycle decorated to resemble a Viking long boat. 6 at 10 x 8 inches, 25 at 6 x 4 inches

D7913/3/3/1984/2: Silk Screen Printing workshop, organised as part of a Youth Training Scheme (a nationwide scheme managed by the Manpower Services...



Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year


D7913/3/3/1985/1: Halloween craft activities etc at the Picture Palace, South Normanton. Pictures of children carrying out craft activities indoors including making masks, and wearing fancy dress. The photographs are undated but one child is wearing a t-shirt with the logo of a children's television cartoon popular in the mid-1980s, "Mask". (9 at 6 x 4 inches)

D7913/3/3/1985/2: Christmas Round The World. Black and white photographs of rehearsals/performances including people wearing international costumes (possibly intended to represent China and Australia - see D7913/6/1/6).



Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year

D7913/3/3/1986/1: Photograph of a woman working at a potter's wheel, with other people partially visible in the background. Captioned "Madge - Carnival July 1986".

For other photographs dating from 1986, taken by the Glebe Photo Group, see D7913/6/4/1.



Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year

D7913/3/3/1987/1: Street Hoardings. Photographs with explanatory caption. The earliest photographs in this group date from 1987 and show a triptych of advertising boards which have been used to depict a dove, being replaced by new posters depicting a bonfire. Also included are photographs of the same three boards from January 1988 advertising Junction Arts and from 1989 celebrating the Brownie Guides.



Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year


D7913/3/3/1988/1: 5 images of children ated 11-13 years old, making masks at a Holiday Workshop

D7913/3/3/1988/2: Single image of children and adults dressed as clown. Captioned "Workshop - August 1988".



Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year


D7913/3/3/1989/1: Full Moon Festival, Pinxton (parade of lanterns, etc.)

D7913/3/3/1989/2: Cressy Fields Day Centre, Alfreton. Photographs of adults creating pencil designs of wheels. A number of the people shown are using wheelchairs.

D7913/3/3/1989/3: Multicultural project, Glebe School, May 1989. Photographs of children singing, dancing and involved in craft activities.



Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year

D7913/3/3/1990/1: young people practising/rehearsing and making preparations for the production of "Swish That Dolly". For more on the musical/dramatic production "Swish That Dolly", see D7913/6/1/26.

D7913/3/3/1990/2: Pinxton music workshop. Photographs of children rehearsing/recording music.



Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year

D7913/3/3/1992/1: Photograph of group of musicians busking. Captioned "Graham, Roy, Dave and Angela, busking at Creswell, September 1992". For related administrative file, see D7913/6/2/4.



Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year


D7913/3/3/1993/1: Clowne Photo Project. Photographs of houses, other buildings and a body of water in Clowne (23 at 6 x 4 inches)

D7913/3/3/1993/2: "Welcome Home". Photographs of primary-school age children engaged in craft activities.



Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year


D7913/3/3/1994/1: "All Lit Up" Village Illuminations 1994. Village not specified [?Creswell]. 13 images showing the creation of translucent paper designs, perhaps for display with a light behind them. For related administrative file, se D7913/6/8/5/3.

D7913/3/3/1994/2: "Creating with Fire" photographs of fire sculpture training.



Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year


D7913/3/3/1995/1: Markland Fireshow, Creswell: 3 photographs of a bonfire at night, with a "fire sculpture".

D7913/3/3/1995/2: Pleasley VE Day Fireshow: 9 images of the construction of a fire sculpture showing a dove bearing an olive branch, produced to commemorate the anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe. Fire sculptures appear to be made by creating an outline shape using a flammable material attached to a non-flammable metal frame. The sculpture may then be lit for the design to be visible to large gatherings of people at night.




Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year


D7913/3/3/1996/1: Kickstart "Creswell Youth Arts". Photographs of children making masks at Markland School in Creswell, and children dancing in a school gymnasium (18 at 6 x 4 inches). For related flyer, see D7913/6/8/5/8.

D7913/3/3/1996/2: Arts and Crafts for Children, 5-week course, Shirebrook. Showing adults making balloon animals and children having their faces painted

D7913/3/3/1996/3: Snipe Park Pit Prop Arches, Haworth, Yorkshire

D7913/3/3/1996/4: Manton Orchard Archway, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, by artist Kate Clark. Two photographs of the finished archway.




Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year


D7913/3/3/1997/1: South Normanton lantern parade, 16 December 1997. Single image

D7913/3/3/1997/2: Whaley Thorns Mosaic. Photographs of children making mosaics including one for Whaley Thorns Post Office, summer 1997 (may be related to D7913/6/6/11).

D7913/3/3/1997/3: Workshops at Lea Green with the Bolsover Project and Firebird Trust, spring 1997. Photographs of brightly-coloured paintings including giant masks.

D7913/3/3/1997/4: Workshops at Markland Campus (North Derbyshire Tertiary College), "Making A Difference", with Bolsover Project and Firebird Trust, summer 1997.




Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year


D7913/3/3/1998/1: Creative Gaps Project. Photographs of older people singing, dancing and making music in a residential home. For a published report on this project, see D7913/6/10/1.

D7913/3/3/1998/2: Schools Mosaic Project. Photographs of completed mosaics at the following schools: John King Infants, Pinxton; The Brigg Infants, South Normanton; The Glebe Junior, South Normanton; Longwood Infants, Pinxton; Frederick Gent Secondary School, South Normanton; Longwood Infants School, Pinxton; Kirstead Junior, Pinxton; The Green Infants, South Normanton

D7913/3/3/1998/3: McArthur...



Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year


D7913/3/3/1999/1: "Tibshelf Apollo" - photographs of children and an artist working on a painting of the Greek god Apollo. (32 at 6 x 4 inches). For laminated publicity materials, see D7913/4/2/6/4. For more information on the project and an associated teacher training day, see D7913/6/6/34.

D7913/3/3/1999/2: Shadow Puppet construction at Bolsover Secondary School. (14 at 6 x 4 inches)

D7913/3/3/1999/3: Lantern Making Residency at Bolsover schools, with artist Clare Simpson, Nov 1999. Photographs of Chinese lanterns being built as well as shadow puppets (10 at 5 x 3.5 inches...



Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year


D7913/3/3/2000/1: "Bolsover's Best Bits". Photographs of giant effigies constructed for a festival celebrating Bolsover - see D7913/6/6/7.

(15 at 6 x 4 inches, 4 at 7 x 5 inches, 1 at 8 x 5.5 inches)

D7913/3/3/2000/2: Bolsover's Best Bits: Shadow puppets. Photographs of shadow puppets in use, in e.g. hunting scenes reminiscent of cave art.

(10 at 6 x 4 inches)

D7913/3/3/2000/3: Bolsover's Best Bits: "Dreamers Welcome". Photographs of adults in a theatrical performance - a comedy based loosely on Ben Jonson's 1634 Bolsover Masque. (See D7913/4/2/4)

(6 at 6 x 4 inches, black...



Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year


D7913/3/3/2001/1: EAZ [North East Derbyshire Coalfields Education Action Zone - see D7913/6/6/19] Dance and Drama workshop at a school (location not given). (7 at 6 x 4 inches)

D7913/3/3/2001/2: Photographs of events run as part of "Word Magic", a club aiming to improve literacy levels among children and parents at Park Infants School, Shirebrook (See D7913/6/9/2). Images are arranged in five groups, with 5 or 6 pictures in each: Skill Share with puppeteer Alan Kirkpatrick; Mud/clay painting; Weaving; Mask Making; African Arts Skill Share (three photographs of children wearing...



Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year


D7913/3/3/2002/1: Derbyshire Literature Festival. Photographs by Val Carman of an outdoor event, June 2002, involving performance by people with learning disabilities. (29 at 6 x 9 inches)

D7913/3/3/2002/2: Local People Local Skills, spring 2002. Photographs of adults making mosaics and masks. See also D7913/6/4/12.

D7913/3/3/2002/3: Local People Local Skills, Northern College, May 2002. Photographs of adults talking and writing in a training room and photographs of the buildings and grounds at Northern College for Residential and Community Adult Education




Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year

D7913/3/3/2003/1: Houfton Road Open Space, Mar 2003. Photographs of young people being shown how to work metal, largely outdoors; photographs of young people indoors learning dance.

D7913/3/3/2003/2: Doe Lea Resource Centre Fencing. Photographs of adults making patterns of floral/botanical design. For administrative file, see D7913/6/7/17.

D7913/3/3/2003/3: Bramley Vale School playground. Photographs of new playground equipment designed by Simon Turner for a Junction Arts commission, including a climbing wall decorated to look like a mountain range. Some of the photographs show children...



Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year


D7913/3/3/2004/1: Photographs of people making willow structures at Pleasley Vale (8 at 9 x 6 inches)

D7913/3/3/2004/2: Bolsover Schools Arts Celebration, Bolsover Assembly Rooms. Showing children at work on large, colourful three-dimensional paper structures, possibly lanterns. For administrative file, see D7913/6/8/4.



Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year


D7913/3/3/2005/1: Pinxton Indian Village project. Photographs of children involved in craft and performance activities at the PASS Centre (Performance Arts and Sports Space) at Pinxton, including dance with Vina Ladwa (24 at 6 x 4 inches). See also D7913/6/6/18.



Junction Arts photographs, arranged by year


D7913/3/3/2006/1: Hilcote Artworks Mosaic. Photographs of children making mosaics, indoors.



Junction Arts project photographs: Education Action Zone workshops and Skill Share sessions


Artwork produced at North Derbyshire Technical College, autumn 1999, endorsed "Special Needs" (2 images).

Photograph of carved wooden archways at Snipe Park, 1996.

Creswell Celebrates: photographs of an exhibition, Mar 2002 (2 images).

Hosanna Rock, Dec 2002: photograph of performers in costumes (see also D7913/3/3/2002/6)

Photograph of colourfully designed park bench at Newton Playing Fields, 1996. The bench is inscribed "inspired by children from Newton Primary School".

Photograph of five boys and one man holding a "friendship stop" mosaic. The location is not given but may...



Junction Arts project photographs: Banners and textiles

During the 1990s, one of the group craft activities that Junction Arts arranged most regularly was that of creating a decorative banner, depicting scenes or themes of particular importance to the community concerned. The banners were usually of textile construction. Photographs typically show groups of adults and/or children at work, as well as the finished work.


D7913/3/4/2/1: Pinxton Village, undated.

D7913/3/4/2/2: The Clowne banner, 1994.

D7913/3/4/2/3: The Newton banner, 1994-1995.

D7913/3/4/2/4: The Barlborough banner, 1995.

D7913/3/4/2/5: Layered Lives Textile...



Junction Arts project photographs: Bolsover Model Village Green

D7913/3/4/3/1: Decorate and Celebrate arts project, including project report, Nov 1998. Photographs show installation of a pebble mosaic.

D7913/3/4/3/2: Clay tile workshops with Brian Holland, 1998.

D7913/3/4/3/3: Mosaic tile workshops with Nikki Greaves, 1998-1999.

D7913/3/4/3/4: Photographs taken during mosaic-making sessions filmed for Yorkshire Television's "Action Time" (see D7913/6/7/1) with artists Nicci Ruse, Martin Ede, Summer 1999.



Junction Arts project photographs: Local Festivals and Celebrations

D7913/3/4/4/1: Wollen Meadow Wish Day, 18 September 1994. With invitation to attend from Elmton with Creswell Parish Council, advertising games, willow arch, music, short walk, storytelling and planting. Photographs show music making and craft activities.

D7913/3/4/4/2: Bolsover Victory Tattoo, Bolsover Castle, 1995.

D7913/3/4/4/3: Bolsover Tattoo, Creswell and Whitwell Street Theatre Team, Jul 1997. Single black and white image of children dressed as Victorian street urchins.

D7913/3/4/4/4: Bolsover Tattoo, Barlborough Hall, 1998.

D7913/3/4/4/5: Creswell Carnival Costume workshops, 1999...



South Normanton Arts photographs


Folder of black and white contact sheets and negatives of photographs mainly by Anthony Fisher, depicting life in the South Normanton area, all dating from 1980. The photographs are in poor condition. Some have been marked in coloured pen as selected for development. Subjects indicated in captions include the following:

"Simon and Liz puppet theatre";

"Dustbin men" (documentary photographs showing refuse collectors at work);

Photographs by Lyndon Groom, "postman, at home, interview" and "post-lady" showing a postal worker at work;

"Graffiti and Adverts and Welfare, near...



Digital photographs of photographic prints, stored on CD.


D7913/3/5/1: 65 jpeg photographs of photographic prints, showing early 1980s South Normanton arts events, precursors to Junction Arts. Most of these are not from originals held by Derbyshire Record Office, although a small proportion of the photographs shown are duplicated in series D7913/3/3. Photographs include:

A giant Guy Fawkes effigy placed on top of wooden pallets in preparation for a bonfire.

Newspaper article about South Normanton and the arts by Peter Loveday and Liz Allen, Community Artists in South Normanton, Border News, undated but c1980.

Photographs of children...



Junction 28 flyers, advertisements and ephemera

1989 is the latest date that should be on this file, as the contents come from a folder marked "pre-1990". However, many of the items in this folder do not give a year. The folder contains the following:

Notices, circular letters and similar items from the New Street Centre and the Picture Palace, South Normanton, late 1970s to early 1980s, calling for participation in the following:

-South Normanton Carnival (year obscured, but typeface suggests late 1970s)

-Open Studio Days, for artists and crafts enthusiasts


-Clay Play, Choir, Carnival, Silk Screen Printing

-Local History ...



Junction 28 flyers, advertisements and ephemera

All events at the Picture Palace, South Normanton and/or Pinxton Miners Welfare, unless otherwise stated.

Flyers/posters for:

"Married Blitz" (a play?), 21 Feb 1990

"Six Go Camping At Convent Cove", Apr 1990

Picture Palace events programmes, Jan to Mar, Apr to Jun, Sep to Dec 1990

Writers On Wednesday, Bolsover Library (multiple flyers, invitations)

Winter Craft Fair, 10 Nov

Half-Term workshops, Oct 1990

Classical guitar and lute recital by Dale Hodgkinson with poems and monologues from Eric Starbuck and the Writers' Group, 21 Sep

Pinxton bi-monthly leaflet, with poem "The Pinxton Pits" by...



Junction 28 flyers, advertisements and ephemera

All events at the Picture Palace, South Normanton and/or Pinxton Miners Welfare, unless otherwise stated.

Posters/flyers for:

"Running A Workshop: a day to explore ideas", Bolsover Assembly Rooms, May 1994

Playscheme Training Days, Clowne Community Centre, Jun 1994

Bolsover Victorian Festival Day, various venues, Nov 1994

Markland Campus Summer School, 1 to 12 Aug 1994 (workshops in photography, drawing and painting, ceramics, creative embroidery, writers' workshop, circus skills, drama, children's arts and crafts

Summer Holiday Play Camps, North Derbyshire Tertiary College, Markland Campus...



Junction Arts flyers, advertisements and ephemera

Posters/flyers for:

Moving Parts, activity-based youth club for 10-16 year olds, New Houghton, from Jan 1996

"Create a Dance in a Day", Bolsover Assembly Roooms and North Derbyshire Tertiary college, Creswell, Feb [1996] (see D7913/4/3/2)

Bolsover Children's Festival, Bolsover Castle, 30 Jun 1996

Kick Start Bolsover Youth Dance Group, May to Jul 1996

Icetime, "a celebration of the Ice Age brought alive by local school children" (Creswell, Whitwell and Hodthorpe Primary Schools) at Creswell Crags Visitor Centre, 15 Jul 1996

Bolsover Fireworks "Monster Mash", Bolsover Castle, 26 Oct 1996...



Junction Arts flyers, advertisements and ephemera

Posters/flyers for:

Ice Time 2, "Severn Trent's relocation, Creswell Crags celebration" (see D7913/4/3/2-3, D7913/5), 12 May 1997

Installation and dedication of The Bolsover Banner at Bolsover Library, 20 Jun 1997

Bolsover Children's Festival, Jun 1997

Shirebrook All Stars Circus Club for children aged 8 and over at Shirebrook Model Village Miners Welfare

Shirebrook All Stars show night, Dec 1997

Lantern Parade, South Normanton, 16 Dec 1997

Lantern Parade and Bolsover Victorian Festival, Dec 1997 and associated "Lighting The Sky" event for teachers and youth leaders. Including copy poster...



Junction Arts flyers, advertisements and ephemera

Posters/flyers for:

PAC Junior, the Palace Arts Club for 6 to 11 year-olds at Picture Palace, South Normanton, from Jan 1998

Shirebrook All Stars Circus Club, Apr to Jun 1998

"A Night in the Jungle" joint perfromance by PAC Junior with Shirebrook All Stars Circus Club, Apr 1998

"It's Your Green! Decorate and Celebrate Bolsover Model Village Green" art workshops, Aug [1998] - (see D7913/3/4/3/1)

Programme for "Chasing Toplis" play by Rib Davis (see D7913/6/1/5)

Greetings card, thanking those who have contributed to community work during 1998 and offering best wishes for the festive season...



Junction Arts flyers, advertisements and ephemera

Posters/flyers for:

Bolsover Children's Festival, Jul 2002

Register of Interest form for "Local People, Local Skills" (see D7913/6/4/12), described as "an opportunity to further your interest in arts projects, from learning a wide range of art skills to knowing how to organise events for your own area or group".

"Normo Crew" launch event, for "the website created by young people for young people", associated with the Streets Ahead project in South Normanton (see D7913/6/6/21 and D7913/3/3/2001)

"Youth Connect" event at Shirebrook Miners Welfare, Apr 2002 (see D7913/6/6/23) and "Do You...



Junction Arts flyers, advertisements and ephemera

Posters/flyers for:

Youth Fest 2 at Creswell Miners Welfare Ground, Jun 2002. Event involved art and craft workshop, live bands, skateboard roadshow, youth games, graffiti workshop and 5-a-side football.

Marditarts in "The Stuff Of Life" play (see D7913/5 and D7913/4/2/1). The reverse of the flyer gives a synopsis of the play and some information on the theatre company, but not the date or venue of the perforamance.

Bolsover Lantern Parade community lantern-making workshops, Bolsover Assembly Hall, Hill Top, Nov 2003



Laminated posters for dramatic productions staged by Junction 28/Junction Arts

Mostly A3 size. Comprising:

Drama For Women - advertisement for weekly 2-hour sessions with creche provided, [1980s]

Poster asking for volunteers for "It's Nearly Xmas Folks" by 20 Steps Drama Group, [1985 - see D7913/6/1/6 and D7913/3/3/1985/2].

"A Pennorth O' Duck: scenes from South Normanton 1918-1939" [1983]. (See D7913/6/1/19 and D7913/5)

"Me Mam Sez: Mansfield Vs Hitler, World War II - The Home Front, The Comedy, The Tragedy", play by Barry Heath, 1980s. (See D7913/6/1/16.)

"Seaside or Bust - the exploits of a Mansfield family on holiday on the Lincolnshire Riviera in 1942", the...



Laminated posters, A3 size, advertising musical productions staged by Junction 28/Junction Arts


Music Fayre, Pinxton [?1984 - see D7913/2/4/1]

Variety Show at the Pinxton Miners Welfare, 1991

The Palace Singers in Festive Voice at the Picture Palace, South Normanton, 1991

First Friday: South Normanton's very own Cabaret Evening, 1991

Olde Time Music Hall, Pinxton Miners Welfare and Picture Palace, 1991

Indie Rock Night at Pinxton Miners Welfare, [1991]

Sound Bites at Doe Lea Social Centre, c1997 (see D7913/6/2/7)



Laminated posters for literary events organised by Junction 28/Junction Arts

Mostly A3 size. Comprising:

"Laff In - the 'Equal Writes' workshop", Pinxton Miners Welfare, [1988 - see D7913/6/3/2/3 for editions of the Equal Writes literary magazine and D7913/6/3/3/1 for other publicity materials]

"Writers on Wednesday" at Bolsover Library, 1990-1991. (See D7913/6/3/3/1.)

"Poems and Pints" events staged by Junction 28 Writers Group, Pinxton Miners Welfare, 1991 and 1994

Local History Exhibition at the Picture Palace, South Normanton, 1992.

Poster asking for help in producing a show, written and performed by the people of Shirebrook about life in Shirebrook [1993...



Laminated posters for creative education events organised by Junction 28/Junction Arts

Chesterfield Youth Action: Poster advertising activity-based youth club, 1980s (see collection D7372)

"All Our Own Work: an exhibition of crafts and creative hobbies", [1980 - see D7913/3/3/1981]

"Craft For Pinxton", an open meeting to discuss forthcoming craft classes, Town Street Chapel, Pinxton, [1983]

Craft Fair and Exhibition, South Normanton, mid 1980s

Creative Craft Workshop for Adults at the Community Centre, South Normanton - poster advertsing regular sessions, mid-1980s

Design and Costume Workshop led by Jane Troman at the Community Centre, South Normanton - poster advertsing...



"Creative Gaps" photographs

Creative Gaps project - laminated photographs of older people engaged in creative activities in a residential home. These photographs were prepared for exhibition and some have explanatory captions. For a published report on this project, see D7913/6/10/1.



Work with young people/schools: general

Laminated posters for events involving young people or schools, organised by Junction 28/Junction Arts. Mostly A3 size. Comprising:

Enlarged black and white photograph of the central advertising billboard of three erected by Junction 28 in South Normanton market place in August 1988, to advertise the 7th Bolsover Walk. The three boards showed a variety of animals (see news clipping in D7913/4/3/1). They were designed by children from The Green Infants School.

Poster for "Arts in Schools: Bolsover District Arts in Education Forum" c1990s

"Art: Markland Campus Summer School" (North...



Items taken from envelope marked "Young people display photographs"

Photographs from Youth Connect events [2002] showing young people skateboarding, bicycling, singing and creating graffiti (see D7913/6/6/23). Also included are three laminated photographs, probably taken from the Streets Ahead project of 2002 (see D7913/6/6/21) showing pupils at Glebe Junior School, South Normanton.



Captions on laminated A4 paper, some illustrated with photographs, deriving from an exhibition relating to Junction Arts' work in Creswell

The text discusses Junction Arts' history briefly, and mentions Diversify (see D7913/6/6/31) and the Creative Clusters programme (see D7913/6/6/13), the Pinxton Arts Year (see D7913/5), and in particular the Creswell Celebrates exhibition of 2002 (see D7913/6/6/13).



Laminated publicity materials: Tibshelf Apollo (see also D7913/3/3/1999 and D7913/6/6/34)


A3-size poster describing the Tibshelf Apollo project in detail, with 23 photographs, laminated and enlarged to A4 size, showing pupils at Town End School creating artworks as part of the project.



Laminated posters relating to environmental projects and public art associated with Junction 28/Junction Arts

Mostly A3 size. Comprising:

Two anti-littering posters designed by children at Model Village Primary School [Shirebrook], c2000

The Bolsover Gateway: poster explaining the meanings of the designs on the Bolsover Gateway designed by Liz Lemon [2000-2001 - D7913/6/7/6]

Creswell Subway Mural: small poster and flyer advertising the project, with three colourful designs for the artwork [2001-2002 - D7913/6/7/9]

Creswell Cluster: 23 laminated children's drawings, mostly illustrated hand-drawn maps of the Creswell area [2005 - see D7913/6/6/13].

"Someone To Watch Over Me": five photographs of the...



Laminated posters for festivals and celebrations organised by Junction 28/Junction Arts

Posters advertising the Bolsover Children's Festival for the following years: 1996, 2000, [2001], 2002, [2003], 2004, [2005 - programme as well as poster]. For more about the Bolsover Children's Festival, see D7913/6/8/2.

Posters advertising the Bolsover Lantern Festival (sometimes as part of the Bolsover Victorian Festival or Christmas Festival) for the following years: [undated but 1990s - advertisement for Bolsover Victorian Festival Lantern Making at the Assembly Rooms], 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000 (advertisement for workshops and Bolsover Lantern Festival], 2005, 2007, 2008



Exhibition materials from a promotion of Junction Arts

Laminated posters, A3 size, illustrated with photographs, relating to Junction Arts's work. Captions as follows:

"Creative Participation on the District of Bolsover"

"Celebrations and Festivals"

"Working Together"

"About Us"

"Arts, Education, Learning"

"A Growing Organisation"

"The Power of Arts and Creativity"

"Core Aims"

"Work with Young People"

"Arts and Environment"

"Trash Fashion"

"Our Guiding Principles" - explaining the key aims of the organisation

Advertisement for the Junction Arts website

Also included are three A4 size photographs of an art exhibition of paintings commissioned...



Contents of envelope originally marked "press cuttings and thank you letters, Junction 28"

Includes news cuttings relating to:

"Beyond The Grave" animated film made by New Street Youth Club, South Normanton, 1983

Circus club in South Normanton, 1984 (see D7913/3/3/1982)

Billboards advertising the 7th Bolsover Walk, 1988 (see D7913/4/2/6/1, D7913/4/1/1989)

Publication of The Long Weekend, 1989 (see D7913/6/3/4/3)

Performance of Cinderella pantomime, 1989

"Swish That Dolly", 1990 and 1991 (see D7913/6/1/26)

Palace Ladies Choir Spring Concert 1990

Reminiscence project [1992] (see D7913/4/2/4)

"Junction 28: 15 Years of community arts", Alfreton Probe, 5 Aug 1992

Junction 28's...



Press cuttings

Includes news cuttings relating to:

Award of funding from Bolsover District Council, 1995

Roots 95 Regeneration Conference, Creswell, 1995

Organised walk on theme of ghosts in Bolsover, 1995 (see D7913/4/1/2006)

Bolsover Fireworks, 1995 (see D7913/6/8/5/6)

"Dance In A Day" event for 7-11 year olds, Creswell, 1996 (see D7913/4/1/1996)

Bolsover Victorian Festival, 1995 (see D7913/3/1/1995 and D7913/4/1/1995)

Creswell Subway Murals, 2001 (see D7913/6/7/9, D7913/3/3/2000 and D7913/4/2/7)

Ice Time drama and Icetime 2, Creswell Crags 1996 and 1997. Several articles including one on the visit by...



Letters of thanks to Junction Arts

Letters of thanks include:

From District of Bolsover re Bolsover Fireworks Blitz, 1994 (see D7913/6/8/3/1)

Multiple letters from District of Bolsover re Bolsover Victory Tattoo, 1995-1998 (see D7913/6/8/3/2)

From District of Bolsover re Fashion Show, 1995 (see D7913/4/2/4)

From Clowne Parish Council re Clowne Annual Christmas/Firework Event, 1995 (see D7913/4/3/1 and D7913/4/1/2005)

From Brigg Infant School, South Normanton, re People Workshops, 1996

From Severn Trent, re Icetime 2, relating to the Relocation of Creswell Sewage Treatment works, 1998 (see D7913/4/3/2, D7913/5, D7913/6/6/2-3...



Number not used: formerly referred to Audio-visual materials 1983-2004

The following items were transferred to the Media Archive for Central England in late 2016. Derbyshire Record Office staff did not examine the contents during cataloguing, so these descriptions are drawn from the front covers and inlay cards of the storage media. Where this information is sufficent to link an item to a physical file listed elsewhere in the catalogue, a cross reference is given in brackets.


"The Road to Newark", Jun 2000. This may be the soundtrack to a Betacam video tape in the same box, which bears the same title and is associated with Heritage...



Junction 28 Drama file: Chasing Toplis Project Report by Janet Sisson, Dec 1998

Relates to the Road to Mutiny project, to research, write and perform a play about Percy Toplis, born in Blackwell, later known as the "Monocled Mutineer". For a programme for the performance of the play by Rib Davis, see D7913/4/1/1998.



Junction 28 Drama file: Christmas productions

Scripts, flyer and production notes relating to a November 1985 show "It's Nearly Xmas, Folks" comprising Xmas in Australia, Chinese New Year, Xmas in England and Santa's Grotto [photographs referenced D7913/3/3/1985/2 suggest a working title of "Christmas Round The World"]; also report and plan relating to Holly from the Bongs schools workshops, 1988,



Junction 28 Drama file: Good Ship Lollipop pantomime, performed at Picture Palace, South Normanton

Script, correspondence, set designs and illustrated map (for use in programme?). For photographs, see D7913/3/3/1984



Junction 28 Drama file: Hobson's Choice

Income and Expenditure statement, props list, list of musicians, minutes of a meeting relating to the production, list of acts/scenes. Undated but press clipping in D7913/3/3/1984/4 gives the date as 1984.



Junction 28 Drama file: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by David Wasserman, based on the novel by Ken Kesey

Script, flyer, correspondence, copy of the Pinxton Post (Issue 8, Oct 1992), invitation to attend, template for tickets, budgeting notebook, press release and distribution list

(For photographs, see D7913/6/1/34)



Junction 28 creative writing publication file: "Norman's book" - memoirs of Norman Ludlam

This file comprises 142 photocopied pages of manuscript autobiography. Norman's surname is not given in the text, but it mentions that he was born in 1917 in Derby, a twin; the only matching entries on the General Register Office index to births are in the name of Ludlam. Norman Ludlam is also recorded as one of the contributors to "A Derbyshire Town Remembered", the Postmill Press anthology devoted to South Normanton (D7913/6/3/4/2). Mr Ludlam's family moved to South Normanton in 1919, where he was still resident at the time of writing.



Junction Arts creative education project portfolio: Glebe Photo Group '86

Relates to project based at Glebe Junior School, South Normanton. Contains captioned black and white photographs and explanatory text. With the exception of a photograph of the school netball squad, the photographs appear to have been taken as illustrations of home life, including images of a boy using a pedal-powered kart, children reading in bed, and a collection of teddy bears. The portfolio also includes photographs of pigeons, inspired by Junction Arts' work with the South Normanton and Pinxton pigeon project in the same year (see D7913/3/4/5/2).



Junction Arts creative education file: "The Fabric of Society" textile banner project

In the mid-1990s, Junction Arts co-ordinated the manufacture of a number of textile banners relating to communities in the Bolsover district.

Participants were instructed in the following terms: "take a snippet of village life - a building, church, neighbour, pond, recreation ground, shop, road, friendship, people, show, carnival etc. Make a rough sketch of your thoughts and enlarge any fragments you particularly appreciate. Develop this into a collage using shreds and scraps of coloured paper. Then search for fabric and other stuff to concoct and devise an assemblage to portray the...



Junction Arts youth work and schools file: Creswell Crags Ice Age event, April to May 1997

This file relates to an expanded version of the project mentioned in D7913/6/6/2. The file includes correspondence, rehearsal schedule, pictures drawn by children and a typed journal describing the experience from the children's point of view day by day, 18 April to 15 May 1997.



Junction Arts youth work and schools files: Living Literacy programme

Living Literacy was a major programme developed by Junction Arts, with funding arranged through Bolsover Local Strategic Partnership. The programme worked on numerous literacy projects in schools across the Bolsover District, initially with children in Key Stage 2 (aged 7 to 11) and then also Key Stage 3 (ages 11 to 14). Its content was created within the framework of the National Literacy Strategy, using creative practitioners to stimulate literacy activities which would then be followed up with classroom work by teachers.

The folders contain a wide variety of documents deriving from...



Junction Arts youth work and schools file: Diversify

The Diversify project focused on 3 areas of Bolsover district: Bolsover, Tibshelf and South Normanton, and aimed to involve young people exploring issues of race, gender and identity, with people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds acting as "BME Cultural Ambassadors". The project profile created for Diversify suggested it be funded by Community Cohesion (Government Office East Midlands), with other funding possibly coming from Bolsover District Council and Stonewall through the Citizenship 21 Initiative. The initial phase of the project was to work on "Asian and Chinese arts" and...



Junction Arts youth work and schools file: "Hills, Holes and Homes"

This was a video project organised as part of the Derbyshire Children's Festival, 2004. The festival's theme was "hills, holes and homes", and the aim of the video project was to express the creative responses of the schools in the Creswell Cluster to that theme. The project received funding from the festival and from the Regional Arts Lottery Programme (RALP). Maggie Braley led the project for Junction Arts and the film-maker was Jes Hill. The papers in this file are a project profile, copies of emails sent to Jes Hill and notes of ideas for the project.

See also D7913/5



Environmental projects and public art

The earliest files in this series emerged from People and Places, an arts initiative devised by Junction Arts and Groundwork Creswell, "to collect, collate and celebrate (through exhibitions, displays, events, publications etc.) the artworks and imaginations of the people who live anywhere within or around Bolsover District" (Paul Nocher's letter of 17 Oct 1995, found in D7913/6/24).



Public/environmental art project file: Hilcote Artworks

This project envisaged a number of different works of public art for Hilcote:

- Mural panels, to be designed and printed by a mural artist working with young people, sited on the walls of the Memorial Chapel (i.e. the B Winning Methodist Chapel, New Street, Hilcote). The artist was Peter Massey and it was installed 2006.

- Seating inside the Chapel Yard, to be designed and painted by a wood carver working with young people, based on the history of the chapel.

- A village memorial and commemorative sculpture depicting the history of the village, sited opposite Blackwell Road, the...



File relating to publicity and branding for People and Places


Notes of meetings on programme ideas for People and Places, 1995-1996, including list of key staff.

Letter from Paul Nocher to George Robinson, editor of The Guardian newspaper, 17 Oct 1995, describing the People and Places initiative, requesting support, technical advice and sponsorship funding. The existence of a similar draft letter dated Jan 1996 suggests the same message was sent to several newspapers.

"Cheryl's prints", original inked finger prints dated 7 Nov 1995, later used as the basis of the People and Places branding.

Draft press releases.

Direct Action News, winter...



"Japanese names for lanterns"

Japanese characters written on card, paper and acetate. The envelope indicates that they were used in lantern-making, so it is possible that they date from 2002, as lantern festival photographs from that year show lanterns being decorated with Chinese or Japanese script. (see D7913/3/3/2002/9).



Bolsover Children's Festival

Bolsover Children's Festival was organised as a regular event during the 1990s and early 2000s. It has been one of the most enduring of Junction Arts' recurring events. Over the years there have been some variations in the name and different arrangements for funding and timing, but the basic elements have remained the same: a night-time parade through the town, with people carrying lanterns which they have made under the direction of Junction Arts.

These files are arranged by year, and typically include a printed programme for each year's festival, a press release, event timetable, a...



Bolsover Schools Arts Celebration project file

Flyer, advertisement, programme (see also D7913/5), Co-ordinators' evaluation reports, artists' evaluation reports



Festivals/celebration events file:

Papers relating to a training programme offered by Junction 28 Arts Project to support "parish events and festivals". Introductory leaflet gives the titles of monthly workshops May 1994 to January 1995 including on various themes including how to run a playscheme, how to create fire sculptures and how to make lanterns. The leaflet also mentions the winter celebration, "All Lit Up" (see D7913/3/3/1994). The file also includes notes for a trainer offering advice on how to develop and run a public event. This may have been the Events Planning Seminar at Barlborough Village Hall on 20 Apr...



Reference not used

Formerly included an unlisted accession of Media and Public Relations records, comprising broadcast audio and video footage on various storage media, discovered during a store room clearance. These items were accessioned in June 2018, then transferred to the Media Archive for Central England (MACE) in April 2019. Contents as follows:

VHS tapes:

Derbyshire County Council/MACC promotional Japanese Programme (Five Lamps Television Ltd., early 1990s). Accompanied by a similarly packaged "version 2" on Sony Antistatic video tape (rather than VHS), marked "Master - do not erase".


20th cent

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